Thursday, March 29, 2007

Stormed hard

3/29/07 Thursday
It stormed hard last night. Lots of lightning and wind along with heavy rain. The power went out for a while but was back on when we woke up. When Cherie turned on the faucet for water there was nothing. Not good. Did lightning take out the pump? How can we afford to replace it? Now the worrying starts as we consider the ramifications of this.

I got clothes on and jumped in the truck to go look. There is a big hole where the rain washed away the dirt around the well. Not good. I checked the power, redoing the breakers hoping that would solve the problem. Nope, not going to be that easy. I called Cherie to let her know and hopped back in the truck to go back to the house. Made it about fifteen feet before the truck sunk into a soft spot and got stuck. That’s where the truck is still at now. I’ll run up there with a shovel and see if I can get it loose.

I walked back to the house and called Leroy at Ledford Pump to let him know we had a problem. It took a bit before Leroy remembered who we were but he came right out. I rode with him to the well where he checked things out. He said it appeared the pump was fine but suspect that a pipe is broken somewhere. Regardless it is covered by the warranty so that was a big relief though we have yet to get down to the problem. Leroy said he needed to wait till it dried a little before he could get into it. That might be a couple of days.

Leroy looked at my truck and let me know that if I was unable to get it free he would come out with his four wheel drive and pull it out for me. I’ll try to dig it out in a bit but if I can’t it would be greatly appreciated. I reminded him about him saying he would bring his tractor out and plow an area for our garden but I don’t think he remembered that, he didn’t say a word. Not an issue for me at all. Leroy is somewhere around eighty years old and probably stays busy with his well service business so I understand.

So we will be without water for two days at least.

Cherie’s interview seemed to go well. Joe, the guy doing the interview whom Cherie would work for, got here at 6:00 and stayed till 10:00 talking with the both of us. Nice guy. The job seems like it would be about perfect for us. It’s part time and the work comes in spurts as the USDA needs to gather different kinds of data. There is work every year but you never know how much. Lots of flexibility here so Cherie can work it around the sewing business she wants to start. If she gets the job there is a two day school in Abilene she needs to attend. Keep your fingers crossed. There are no health benefits but the USDA is a big government agency so it’s not going anywhere.

I’m going to cut this short, grab the shovel and go try to dig out the truck now.

We were so glad to leave Toledo, to get out of the city where things were so hectic, where you always had to watch your back because of the high crime rate, where there were already ten murders for the year before January came to an end. Gang bangers and drugs were prevalent. We left all of that behind and looked forward to a much quieter and sedate life. Well…

I heard Leroy’s trucks pull in while I was writing the previous entry. He had brought his four wheeler and his helper with him. I hopped in Leroy’s truck and we drove out to the well. He started filling in the hole and I worked on uncovering all the insulation I had wrapped everything up with. Most of that was on the pressure tank. When I pulled that off I saw it. Had to look twice. “That’s a bullet hole” I announced. Someone had shot our tank and the bullet came directly from the house that is at the end of our property. That is maybe fifty yards away.

This is the house were we’ve had a problem with people riding their ATV’s on our land. I’ve been up there twice to ask them not to do so, the last time just two weeks ago. The kid (He looked twenty or so) was nervous, fidgety, and looked like he was high. I asked his name and could swear he said “Porno”. He looked away when he said it and kinda coughed it out. I figured I didn’t hear it right so left it be. I again asked that they not ride on our land and came back home.

The bullet hole made the pump run till it burned out. I’m sure we will have a whopper of an electric bill for this month. I called the sheriff as I really don’t want to go talk to some people who shoot things in retaliation for something as small as being asked to not ride on our land. I’m too much of a hot head and can see things getting out of hand quick.

Two deputies came out in just a few minutes driving two police pick-ups. I met them and we rode back to the well where Leroy was still working. We showed the sheriffs the bullet hole and all. He asked if we could get the bullet out of the tank so Leroy pulled the bottom off of it. It looks like the bullet is in the pipe that leads to the house for you can see where it punched through one side and didn’t come out of the other. Couldn’t find it. They asked if I knew who lived in the house and I had to explain that I didn’t have a clue. He let me know that there was little he could do without firm evidence. While it is clear where the shot came from there is no way of knowing who fired the shot.

There is fifteen hundred dollars worth of damage. The pump cost $700 and the pressure tank $450. Leroy said he may be able to exchange the pump under warranty but there is nothing he can do for the tank cause the bullet hole makes it obvious there was no manufacturing defect. This is going to hurt real bad. Odds are the sheriff won’t be able to do much about it. Now I really want to get a gun out here for protection, not just for coyotes but now from people who may be a danger. Yep, Welcome to Stanton. So much for a nice, quiet, sedate life.


Jacob Da Jew said...

Good luck with Cherie landing the job. I hope it works out.

Sorry to hear about the well problem.

Bunch of animals you got as neighbors. My advice? Try to surveill them for a bit. Maybe you can photograph them doing illegal stuff.

Bob said...

I need to find a telescope or a camera with a good lense cause they're a half mile away on the far corner of our land.

Nate~ said...

well like I said in our conversation earlier to find someone with a FFL and that does transfers and we will get you guys armed, if they have no problem shooting a well up I dont want to even think of what they would do to you two personally

you guys need both a pistol and some kind of rifle/carbine with one of the advantages of the carbine is that they are available in a 9mm and use the same clips and ammo as a handgun so less money laid out for a close range weapon and something that will "reach out and touch someone" too ;-) be safe

Bob said...

Actually there is a gun range somewhere near for we can sometimes hear them practicing. I think it might be used for law enforcement because you can sometimes hear what sounds like several handguns unloading on the targets. I dimly remember one twenty five years ago where I found some kids plunking away at cans. If I shoot a weapon I make sure I know where the bullet will go. Preferably into a bank of dirt or something to make sure it doesn't fly off. When I teach Cherie to shoot that will be important.