Sunday, November 05, 2006

We have water

11/3/06 Friday
So much, so fast. It is 12:38 now and this is the first time I’ve been able to get to this journal. Let’s see how much I can recall.

I got Cherie’s car fixed just minutes before check out time. What a bitch that was. I had to get Cherie to help so I could get this belt snaked around. I bought a Hayne’s repair manual for her Prizm. Come to find out the car is a Toyota Corella as well as a Geo. There was no diagram of how the belt was to be routed but I did find a picture of something else on the motor that showed enough of the belt to figure it out.

With that done we checked out of the hotel and headed out to the farm. Now we are committed, we are moving in. We stopped at Walmart to pickup a few things, especially some five gallon water bottles. We filled those up at the roadside coin operated water station that’s in Stanton. Leroy called when we were just arriving to let us know that Ronnie would be late with his shredder. “That’s fine Leroy. We’re not in a hurry” I told him. He said he had looked at the well and would talk to me about it.

We pulled in with the trailer and I backed it up to the front door. Maybe I had done that the day before, can’t remember now. Anyway it was work time. Cherie worked on cleaning areas we could put things on. I got out my tools and clearing a space in the garage to work began to make the attachments I need to hook up a ramp to the trailer. With that done I backed the trailer to

11/5/06 Sunday
We have been so busy and are so tired by the end of the day that this journal just doesn’t get done. Right now we are in the parking lot of the Sleep Inn stealing wireless internet access. We are such bad people.

We have water now. Don’t want to drink it but the well is fixed. That was $2600.00 dollars we hadn’t planned on. If we had dug a new well it probably would have been close to $5000. The water is hard and smells a little but water is life out here. With it we will bring this farm alive. I am taking tons of pictures so the family back home, and for that matter everyone else can get a good idea of things.

This has been a little tough on my beautiful city girl. She’s not used to this. Been roughing it. Now we can use a regular toilette and wash. We just came to Midland to pick up some floor tiles and bug fogger. That’s because we had a swarm of bees fly up and make a home under the house. Cherie yelled out “Bob, there’s a whole bunch of bees here. Sure enough they are flying in and out of a hole accessing the crawl space of the house. Don’t think they are killer bees cause they didn’t attack when I was five feet away, just wild honey bees of some type. Don’t care. We don’t need them or want them here.

I had a slow down while driving to Midland this trip. It came on fast. I am alright now that we are parked and there is no stress. It was hard to function in the store. I am going to download this and some pictures while Cherie continues on her computer checking our bank accounts and stuff.

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