Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hot and sweaty

The puppies went out and played in the wet rye.
I've posted three days so be sure to check them out. Blogger is giving me a hard time with pictures so hope these show up.

4/22/08 Tuesday
Set the alarm to get up before the sun did. We couldn’t watch the weather forecast yesterday as there has been some kind of interference messing up our tv so the only channels that would come in were GLC, which we like anyway, and fox, but even that was shaky. It’s probably some piece of oil field equipment nearby. We’ve had the problem before where it was a regular cycle taking out the picture and sound every ten seconds or so. This time there was just nothing but snow and static.

Anyway the picture came in this morning though it was still fuzzy so we could see the weather report. There is 97% humidity and a chance for thunder storms later. Unfortunately there will be ninety degree temperatures along with the high humidity so that will be pretty rough. Dry heat is one thing but nothing compared to this swamp like atmosphere.

The next three days however show a good chance for rain. That means there is a rush to get as many seeds in the ground as possible. I worked till ten thirty last night but the moon didn’t come out till late so it was too dark to see well. So I got the flashlight out and held it in one hand as I operated the tiller with the other. Got half of the black eye peas planted. I’m working on the rest this morning and will keep going till it’s just too much for me to handle. Then I’ll run to Janie’s to do the poop scooping and go online.

In addition to that I may pick up some carpet that one of our friends, Jeannie (? Not sure if I have the name right but that’s not unusual for me) called me about yesterday. They are remodeling and the carpet in that room is being replaced or the floor tiled or something so she thought to offer it to us before donating it or throwing it away. As long as it’s not white we could sure use it but there is so much dirt out here, plus the dogs and I both tracking it in, (even without us the wind blows it in) that it would be ruined.

Speaking of Jeannie I thought I should mention this. Her husband, Jay, and son, Mike, have been a tremendous help to us. Jay helped pay for the replacement chimney, arranged for the replacement window where there was a big hole rotted clear through the wall, gave us some fencing he was replacing, (other’s leftovers are quite a blessing for us) and just bought us one of those Amish electric fireplaces that have been advertised so much lately. On top of that Mike is working to create a golf tournament to raise funds to help us get a tractor and other needed things for this farm we are building. And most valuable of all is friendship, the one thing we seek the most and couldn’t seem to find in Stanton. May God bless those who have blessed us. May he open the eyes of the rest.

So time’s a wasting. I need to get back outside while it is still cool and get as much done as possible.
It’s after one now. I’m having a rough slowdown. Had a real hard time deciding what to plant. This is one of those times the brain injury lets itself be known. I got the box we keep our seeds in and began looking through them to see what I would plant next. All the choices, the instructions on how to plant, when to plant, was too much for me to sort out. This is frustrating. To think I once ran two companies at the same time, juggling all kinds of things at once. Now deciding what to plant is hard. I called Cherie. We will get together and make a schedule for me, something clear and simple that says what to plant where.


Anonymous said...

Everything is looking so good! Y'all have really been working hard. So proud of you both!


Amy # said...

Cherie, what was the name of the place you worked last year? Was interested in seeing if they had anything out my way. Thanks!

Hi Bob!