Monday, December 13, 2010

The widow's not doing well

12/13/10 Monday
It’s the start of another week. Today I intend to install the new window in the bathroom, and if possible more drywall. The reason I say “if possible” is based on whether or not I am able to move full sheets of drywall and hold them up by myself. As I wrote this a thought came to mind. Did I install the right type of drywall when I put some up the other day? I need to check because there is stuff they call “purple board” we bought because it’s designed for high moisture areas, and I also bought two sheets of regular drywall for the outside of the new wall we will build. These gaps in cognizance, forgetting I had two types to install and just taking the first one in the pile, unaware for the moment I had two types, cause me a lot of frustration. I figure things out later many times, but often it’s too late. If I put the wrong stuff up that’s tough, I’m not going to tear it down. As dry as it is out here in the desert I’m not too worried about mold, which is what the purple board is supposed to resist.

This picture shows the drywall I put up. I checked, and sure enough, it's the wrong stuff, not the mold resistant board I should have used.

Putting up what I did proved to be a contest. I used the nice fancy drill that Steve gave me, a cordless hammer drill with a clutch thing on it that’s supposed to be settable to stop before the screw goes through whatever or breaks. Never could get it to work consistently so ended up using the cheap cordless and driving the screws slowly and carefully. Took me an hour to do what professionals would do in seconds, and it’s a safe bet they would have done a better job.

I figured out that I will be able to install the sink without having to run new water pipes or a new drain, will be able to tap into the old ones. Cool, that means I can proceed with that because the Hardiboard flooring is already in place for that area. Little by little it’s getting done.

We went to Cherie’s company Christmas party Saturday. It was a great time at the same restaurant I’d taken Cherie to a few years back for her birthday. We had been very disappointed with that first and only visit as the service really sucked, but they sure made up for it this time, so we must have caught a bad night or perhaps just a poor waiter. Regardless, it was superb this time. Cherie and I are so not used to such rich food and our bodies had to work to handle it. We eat simply and probably much healthier in general but sure enjoyed the rich fare. However we have no desire to eat this way on a regular basis, and if we did I’m sure it would bring health problems.

You can see the old window with the new one sitting on the floor

It was an opportunity for me to meet and get to know Cherie’s employers. Unfortunately the restaurant was busy and noisy, so that coupled with a long table with ten or eleven people seated made conversation difficult. Towards the end of the evening lots of other tables emptied and things got quieter so that helped a lot. I was able to talk to the owner of the company and, after getting a better idea of their goals and needs, offered to provide some help in the area I know the most about, marketing and sales. She was positive about that so it might happen. That would be exciting, to finally be able to function in that area I was so adept at before the coma. What’s also exciting is the possibilities their future holds. I’m not at liberty to speak about the particulars right now but this is a start up company that has more than just room to grow but the chance at cornering a market in this area through an exclusive contract. It titillates all the entrepreneurial nerve endings I have and will be a joy to watch and a blessing if I can have any hand in it. They don’t need my hand at all, it would be neat if I could help in any way, especially because my wife works there.

Friday I did make it to the Kairos prayer and share that regularly occurs on Friday’s at the Ft. Stockton prison. It was good to see the guys and catch up with what’s going on down there. It’s sad to report that the church in prison has all the same problems we so often find in churches out here in the free world. That comes anytime humans are involved, for we all have the same ability to be petty, proud, and jealous. I found myself advising an individual in leadership there and my advise was to submit to those in charge, despite not being happy with how they do things. That and to pray for them. This requires humility and swallowing some pride, things I’m not good at either. Kind of wonder if I’d be able to follow my own advice.
You can see the drain, and just barely the hot and cold water pipes. The new sink cabinet will just come to the edge of the hardiboard you see on the floor.

It was nice to see how some of my brothers in white are maturing in the relationship with God. One of them gave a testimony of how God has miraculously answered prayers and of his desire to dedicate himself to serving the Lord. Brought me back to those days thirty five or so years ago when I first became a Christian in prison and after my release pursued that desire by enrolling in Bible college. It was there I met and fell in love with Cherie. What a ride it’s been since, but the grace of God has sure intervened and restored so much I destroyed. Now I am returning to the prisons to help and hopefully guide those who now stand in the same shoes I did. I am so grateful to God for that, for His mercy and His hand on my life, that I can now turn the bad I’ve done into good to help others with. That’s God’s way, to turn bad into good.

The widow isn’t doing very well. Pray for her if you could. Her health was poor anyway but has been taking some turns for the worse. She spent a couple of days in the hospital. We didn’t know till we called to check on her yesterday.

That’s it for now. Time to get to work on the window.

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