Wednesday, January 04, 2012

How I love the Lord

1/4/12 Wednesday
How I love the Lord, who has raised me from the dead and given me life. Today is a windy day. I had planned to get out and working on that old 29 AA Ford truck by now but keep remembering things I must do. Right now I am going to write one of our lawyer friends about an injustice I became aware of through my prison ministry. I am not free to give details so won’t. There are too many who read this blog with the intention of tracking what we are doing so that they can interfere where possible. They don’t worry me for we are God’s servants and He takes care of us, and thus those who work against us are in reality working against God’s children. The last thing I would want to do is give God a reason to come against me.

I went and picked up mail so on the way back stopped and got a burrito from the little roadside stand on the main highway through town. Told the girl I wanted one of their world famous burritos and explained it would be world famous because I talked about it on this blog. Well, that might be stretching things a bit but I do have people around the world who read this so not too much. She asked what the websites name was and I told her, but figure I’d better hurry up and talk about the burrito’s so I wouldn’t be a liar. They are chili verde burritos, and are usually quite spicy, but the one today was pretty mild, made I’m sure for your average Joe’s tastes. Personally I like the heat. But they are good for sure and priced right, so if ever you come through Stanton and come down the business 20 road, look for a little roadside building with a carport metal awning set up in front and stop in for some good food.

Finally got the plowing figured out. Seems that my tractor doesn’t have what it takes to pull three plow blades through this tough Texas dirt, at least not now that it has dried some. Perhaps when there is a fresh rain it will. I attached the two bladed plow and finished the new five acre plot. Two plow blades make only one hill, or whatever it’s called, between two furrows, so it takes a lot of passes to cover the five acres. I used about $40 worth of diesel on that small plot of land, between discing it twice and plowing once. That’s a chunk of change for sure. I am studying further making bio diesel from vegetable oil and when I brought it up with some big farmers who are in the prison ministry with me it sure sparked some interest. So I know that anyone who wants to save money (and who doesn’t want to do that?) and uses diesel fuel would be a potential customer.

That’s it for now. I will not get into a bible verse for that would lead me to spend an hour or more digging into it. For those who have found their prayers no longer have the power they once had I will simply suggest you read Isaiah 59 to learn why. We pray every day for those who gossip and hate, doing so in the name of the Lord in their blind self-righteousness, asking God to have mercy on them but more importantly to bring them to understand how wrong they are.

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