Friday, August 24, 2012

Sorry, it's been a while

8/24/12 Friday
          I got an email this morning from a reader of the blog. She expressed concern due to my not posting in a while. I appreciate the reminder that this needs to be kept up with. Had started several posts but never finished them as distractions moved me in other directions. So here is a quick update.

Both of the trucks are down, that now means I have three pickups sitting here not running. We had replaced the radiator in one 90 days ago because it was leaking water into the transmission fluid. One day I noticed the transmission was not shifting right and that it no longer would go into high gear. When I pulled the dipstick I found water again mixed in the transmission fluid along with flakes of the transmission belts. Not good. Looks like the new radiator failed and possibly that has cost me a transmission too. Went to the mechanic who put it in and he said he could get the radiator replaced but the transmission was another issue.

Meantime the diesel truck again has a problem with the starter. I knew that the flywheel, where the starter gear engages to spin the motor, had gotten a little chewed up from the starter bolts breaking and bending twice. Crawling under the truck I found that the starter bolts were once again bent. This is the fourth set of bolts I had bought and put on. All of them came from the auto parts store and specifically were packaged for starters. Looking at the packages I see they are made in Taiwan. Obviously they are cheap steel and not up to the grade required for a starter in a diesel motor. So I went to the dealership and paid the high price for genuine GM parts. Unfortunately the damage to the flywheel is now severe so the starter grinds when it hits the spots that are chewed. I can start it, possibly, for an emergency but for now I think it’s is best to leave the truck sit for if I drive somewhere I have no guarantee it will start again.
I am planting corn today. Been working on that for three days, preparing a new area with in ground drip irrigation and sprinkling fertilizer on it. This corn will come due in November so it is a race against the first freeze. Last year the freeze got it. I have lots of corn seed that I harvested and scraped off the cobs by hand. Almost a five gallon bucket full so there is plenty of seed for next spring too.

The wheat is still sitting waiting to be harvested. I had started doing that with a small hand sickle but soon figured out that was pretty hard on my back. Cherie’s nephew has a scythe up in Ohio he said I can have but he is pretty busy and it hasn’t gotten put in the mail yet. Meantime we had a rare rain so the weeds have sprung up with a vengeance all through where the wheat is. I also still have some rye to harvest with the lawnmower but the lawnmower is on its last legs and there are many other things to do that take priority over that.

God has been expanding our horizons and introduced us to some new people. We gave our testimony last Sunday evening at a home group led by some of the foundational spiritual leaders in this area. I am not sure that is how they view themselves but their roots reach to some great movements of spirituality in this part of Texas. Had an enjoyable conversation with them after the home group broke up for the night. It is nice to talk with those who know the Lord and are not corrupted by so many of the forces that are at work these days. I suspect that God has a reason for bringing us together and look forward to what will come.

I am starting training for another round of Kairos events in the prisons at Fort Stockton and Lamesa. These always require a sacrifice in time but nothing good comes without some cost. One of the seniors we help fell and broke her arm last Sunday. We did not find out till Wednesday and Cherie went with me to visit her last night. She is under pressure to move to her daughters area, which is either in Houston or Louisiana. Mary is not anxious to move and would much rather stay in the home her husband built. It is full of memories and the accumulation of a lifetime lived there. She asked if we would be willing to do an estate sale for her and we said we would be honored to help out in any way we could. Cherie and I both let Mary know that we would like to provide all the assistance we could to allow her to stay in this home.

Geneva seems to be doing ok. For those who don’t know, she is another senior we serve where we can. The puppy she gave us, because it was a little more than she could handle, is doing well. Of course it has endeared itself to our hearts. I fear for it regarding this highway we live next to that has claimed so many of our pets, so we watch carefully whenever Maisey is out. Geneva has increasing health problems coupled with financial straits caused by the annuity she had been sold based on false promises of security that did not pan out. With both trucks out of commission I am stuck at home and less able to get out and help these folks. Plus I have been unable to visit the local jail, where I have been able to minister to  so many. It is frustrating to be hampered serving others in so many ways.

That’s it. I have work to do but wanted to at least get this post out. Cya next time and I hope to be more regular with posts.

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