Wednesday, September 26, 2012

There was a prison riot. pray

9/26/12 Wednesday
          It’s 4:37 in the afternoon. I have been out digging up irrigation line that the gophers have riddled with holes. First I dug where there was water bubbling up from the ground and exposed a big leak. However once that was exposed it became clear that there were other leaks, evidenced by water running from where the hose disappeared into the soil. So I dug, and I dug. Finding water leaking from the hose in many places and seeing that the entire length exposed had been gnawed on it became clear that I had a lot of digging to do. I repaired a six foot length but when I turned the water on found even more leaks. This half inch plastic pipe is buried three feet deep in the ground so that is a lot of dirt. I am grateful that the back pain has greatly improved but this sure is aggravating it. Plus I am using muscles that have not been used much lately so they are definitely complaining.

          This morning I went over to Mary’s. She is one of the senior citizens we help out, the one who fell and broke her wrist. Took a bowl of Israeli cantaloupe all cut up into bite size pieces hoping she was up so I could give it to her. The doors were closed and there was no answer to my knock so that was not to be. I suspect that she is fighting some serious depression right now and wanted to provide some encouragement. The wild outside cats had not been fed for some time so I put some food out for them. Then I got the chain saw out and started cutting down dead trees and cutting them up for firewood.

          Close to noon I had to pack up and get Cherie from work because I was driving the only vehicle we have that still runs. Got her and we went home for lunch. I had planned on going back to cut more wood but decided that there are things that need to be done here on the farm so that didn’t happen. Between cutting wood and digging up irrigation I am pretty sore. I plan on heading over to Mary’s in the morning.

          I just learned today that they had a riot at the prison we spent four days at. Evidently it broke out shortly after we left the prison. The report said that there were 40 inmates involved and several had to be rushed to the hospital. Naturally I am concerned for our brothers in the Lord there. We are not sure if this will affect our being able to go back to the prison Saturday. Part of the problem there is the prison is running on about 50% of what they should have for staff. Many programs have been canceled simply because there are no guards to watch over it. Pray for the prison if you could. Would greatly appreciate it.

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