Thursday, November 29, 2012

Found what I started, and did not finish

So I evidently wrote this last Tuesday and probably got distracted, thus it never got finished. Not sure were I was going with the thought so figured I'll post it the way I found it. Then I'll work on a post that will update what's happening on Westbrook Farms. Hope it gets finished and I don't get distracted.

11/20/12 Tuesday
          Been busy working on the farm. There is increasing damage from gophers and evidence of their incessant spread abound everywhere. More drip irrigation destroyed as they chew through the plastic. I am at a loss regarding how to rid this pest from the farm. Oh, I know some ways to do it but as usual am unable to afford the resources needed to do so. There is so much we could do with just a few dollars, so much. We watched the PBS show they had on the dustbowl and that brought in a fresh perspective. Those farmers in Oklahoma and upper Texas were tough beyond measure, as they fought to carve out a life and dream with next to nothing. But they had a few bumper crop years before it all came crashing down so that helped greatly and gave them a glimpse of what could be. We haven’t had that gift and moved here without even a hoe, lawn mower, or anything besides our clothes and a few pieces of furniture. In the fantasy that was my hope I envisioned being welcomed by all and finding great help along with those who could give friendly advice. Now understand I was still in bad shape from the brain injury that left me wandering homeless and lost so my sense of reality was not in tune with the hard truth we found. I guess it is still off a little but I have learned a lot about people in the eleven years since I woke from the coma.

          I suppose part of my problem is I study the bible and tend to view the world from its perspective. When you understand how God sees things, just a little glimpse of how He sees things, then all fall short, even yourself. So I know how things are supposed to be and see how they really are and it breaks my heart. But in the midst of all that there are a few shining lights of exception that break through like lighthouses on dark stormy nights, beacons to aim for as you are tossed by many waves of disruption and despair.

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