Friday, May 02, 2014

God is Good and in charge

Folks, God is Good. I no longer work at A-1 Furniture. Gave them a year of my life and finally gave up and gave them a 60 day notice. It was a rough 60 days to say the least. It was sad, real sad to watch these people continue to make bad decisions and refuse to follow the advice they paid me to give. I will continue to pray for them and love them despite the anger they displayed towards me. There is much I would like to say but I won't because my Lord does not approve of that kind of venting. They owe thousands of dollars in back pay and I could sue them but again it is not something Jesus would want me to do. He said that if someone takes my coat give them my shirt also, so that is what I will do.

But this frees me up now to work on creating the ministry and business we had been praying and dreaming about for 7 years now. There is so much to do and so little to do it with but you watch and see what God does. It is His project and I am His servant. We now have the building we had prayed for so many years. That was a miracle in itself. A year ago I was approached about buying the old store and I was excited because I had asked God for it. Boy that was not going to be easy. Turns out the title was cloudy and by the time the lawyers and title companies had figured it out the investors we had dried up. Then the man calls me on a Monday and says "You've been working on this a year. Either buy it by Friday or I'll sell it to someone else". Wednesday one of the people we had approached regarding this called. He said "My wife and I talked and prayed and we decided to purchase that building for you". He owns it and is a partner now with us but the point is that God put this together and despite the fact that we have no money and no credit we are able to proceed.

Our hope is to create a place of ministry that will be a refuge for those that are not accepted in some of the mainline churches. There are many with drug and alcohol problems or histories that make others uncomfortable and they are the ones I will reach out to. The religious people of Jesus' day accused Him of hanging out with drunks and prostitutes. Jesus said that those who are well don't need a doctor, but those who are sick do. I intend to follow that example.

We also plan to provide housing for the many who are coming here for work from all over the US. So many are raising prices to outlandish levels and taking advantage of the situation that we intend to provide something nicer for a fair price. These folks are leaving homes and families behind as they seek a means to support them and I would be honored to help them. They often will need a church to attend and sometimes may have never been in church or understand about God's Love so this is an opportunity to present that to them.

It's late, going on midnight and I've been working a Kairos walk at a prison in Fort Stockton for two days now. Tomorrow will be the third day and the we finish up Sunday. So I must get rest as we start at six in the morning. Good night folks. Now that I am free from the furniture store I hope to become regular with this Blog again. Prayers area always welcome. See ya next time.


Samarah Madson said...

God is good all the time... I wish you more success.
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God knows the best for us..
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