Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Looking for work

12/6/11 Tuesday
It appears our water system survived the first real hard freeze of the year. It’s 19 degrees out this morning. Tonight will be another test when it goes down to 17 degrees. We did our best to insure Buddy and Duke were safe in this level of cold. Ben and Gretchen used to sleep together to share body heat and I could cover them up at night and they would stay under the covers. Duke and Buddy don’t get along for that. We suspect Duke had been an inside dog before we rescued him from how bad he wants to come inside. He sleeps in the garage, as close to a house as he can get I suppose. Buddy stays out on the veranda. We put the electric blanket out last night, to provide a warm spot, and spread it from the love seat to the landing in front of the door to see if that would attract Duke to stay on it. Nope, he prefers the garage so I’ll work on a winter spot for him there.

I am looking for ministry opportunities as well as some work I can do to pay bills. Investigating getting a CDL license as they are hiring truck drivers everywhere. Hope to find something that allows me to continue my ministry in prisons. Ultimately it’s what we do for God that has real value and that is where my heart is. Most of you know I have a powerful testimony and I am anxious to share what God has done in our lives. If any of you hear of something or can point me in a good direction it would be appreciated.

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