Monday, January 21, 2013

All hail king Obama

1/21/13 Monday
          All hail king Obama. The savior of…? What? We can only get ABC, Fox, and PBS here on the farm though sometimes there is a religious station that comes in. As I listen to the adoration, the idolization poured out by the obviously liberal newscasters of ABC it brings home how far this country has fallen. Diane Sawyer just said “One nation, indivisible” as she gushed about the hopes they have in their reelected savior of all that liberals stand for, notably leaving out “Under God” as she misquoted our pledge of allegiance. This wasn’t a mistake. It was calculated and repeats what Obama has done ever since he became president.

          The news (perhaps propaganda would be a better way to put it) stories run as a part of this whole charade of pomp and crowning the king talk about how Obama will be the fourth of the “great” presidential fomenters of change. There was Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson. Don’t remember the other one but the newscaster said they pushed a great social agenda, which was a socialist agenda as they tried to reshape America.

          Liberals are progressives and progressives are socialists and socialism is a less authoritarian form of communism. At the core of their belief system is the idea that there is no God and that those who believe in God are backwards silly superstitious people who are intolerant because they have a moral code. For liberals there is no right or wrong, it’s all relative. What’s wrong today could well be right tomorrow. So it was no accident that Diane Sawyer left out “Under God” for the liberals find God and those who believe in God as repugnant.

          I am confident that God put Obama in office. “Why?” you might ask. Why would God put such a man in office, a man who is a master of lies and deception, a man who wants to mandate abortion and force those who, for moral reasons, because they believe in God and life, don’t accept abortion to pay for it? Why would God want a man who seems bent on bankrupting this country, to making it weak by gutting its military, who funded and encouraged the “Arab spring” that has placed radical Islamists in power. Why?

          For the same reason God raised up Nebuchadnezzar and made him king over Babylon. Nebuchadnezzar was there to bring judgment on Israel. Israel had fallen from its relationship with God. Idolatry, homosexuality, robbery, the taking advantage of the weak and poor had become common place. I can almost hear what some are thinking “We don’t have idols. We don’t worship little statues of gods like they did in Israel”. Understand that an idol is anything you make more important than God. Greed is idolatry. The love of money is idolatry. A house or a car can be an idol. And someone we adore, be it a movie start, musician, or president, can become an idol.

          Who do you trust? What is it you place your faith in? Is it a man in the office of president? Is it the elected officials in Congress? Or is it God. There is a reality we must recognize, that judgment is coming. There was a time I did not believe there was a God, there was a time I wandered lost, but I have come home, I have learned there is a God and God’s hand is on us all. God knows the future and has revealed that future to us in the Bible. It is a future filled with turmoil and difficult times, a future of war and famine as things progress to their final chapter. It is a future where what you think is right and wrong will be challenged, where you will face choices that are telling, choices that reveal what you really believe. We will be asked to compromise our standards and in that face pressures to betray our God and the moral codes God gave to Moses centuries ago. Often the truth of that choice thrust on us will be disguised, camouflaged as something it is not in an attempt to fool us, like a magician fools their audience through distraction and sleight of hand. Jesus said we are to judge carefully and to judge according to the fruits, the results of an action. What causes division is not of God for God’s desire is for us to be united with Him, of one mind and one accord. There will be and is division, because there are always those who decide that what they want is more important than what God wants, and thus become their own idol, like Lucifer did, placing themselves as being higher than God.

          It’s cold out. There is a brisk wind blowing from the East. I started a fire with the hope of taking the bite out of that cold here in the house. Because the house is so porous the wind blows the cold right through. I must go cut more firewood as what we had is long gone now. There is always much to do. I finished disking the cleared farmland and hope to put Rye grain and vetch seed out today. Must go to Midland and give the business plan to an attorney. Perhaps the truck will be ready but I don’t have a lot of hope there because past performance is a good indicator of future behavior.

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