Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Still cold. Working on business plan

All this wood has been burned as we work to stay warm, and much more than what is here.

1/15/13 Tuesday
          Another cold morning. Hard at work on this building a business thing. Keeping a fire going and we have enough wood to last a few more days. There is some I can split for later but it’s cypress and will burn up fast. Do the best we can with what we have. Need to create a business plan real quick.

1/16/13 Wednesday
          Still cold so we dress warm. The business plan is coming along but not as fast as I want, but things seldom happen as fast as we want. Taking a break from the business plan to write in this journal. My pain level is pretty high and I think part of that is due to the weather changes we are having. These old broken bones sure talk to me when the weather changes.

          We had a friend whose 23 year old brother was killed in a motorcycle accident. That is hard. Cherie and I grieved over our puppy being killed but that is nothing compared to a young man who had so much to look forward to. I pray for them every time it comes to mind for I can only imagine how hard it must be. But in this tragedy there is a reminder. We all will die and none of us know when. This is perhaps more real to me than to others for I already died but was given the gift of life. Thus I am motivated to talk to others about the gift of eternal life God has for all who choose to believe and accept Jesus as their Lord. It is a free gift but requires a real commitment.

          There is a list of things for me to do today. Must travel to Odessa and deliver two letters to a Christian television station, with the hope it will heal a wound I may have caused. There is mail to send out and car registration to be updated. I need to visit the mechanic who has had our truck for months now and hope that my appearance will motivate him to work on it.

          Had a bad slowdown yesterday. They have been happening more often as of late. Not sure if the weather is a factor or not but suspect the stress of getting this business going is a contributor. For any new readers of this blog these slowdowns are a result of the brain injury and basically my ability to process information slows down. Sometimes I have difficulty talking. They last for minutes to sometimes hours and always leave me tired out. Some are real bad and some are so mild you hardly notice them. None are predictable but I can sometimes sense when they are approaching.

          I will take a short walk outside. I often do that and use the time to talk to God, think, clear my head, and relax. It’s sunny and the temperature will be getting close to fifty degrees today. I would guess it’s about forty degrees out now so won’t need a coat, just this long sleeve flannel shirt. Then it’s back to work. Have a nice day folks and be careful.

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