Thursday, February 07, 2013

Won't let getting slammed stop us

2/7/13 Thursday
            Always things happening. Ran water to the windbreak trees and as usual found lots of problems from gopher damage. At some point I need to replace the half inch plastic line with PVC pipe and hope they don’t chew through that. These guys are killing me. I will go find some loose caliche somewhere to continue the process of filling in the driveway. At the rate of a few five gallon buckets at a time this will take me a year or so. I did grab a bunch of the asphalt that is being dumped on the side of the interstate as they repave the highway. Made two trips to get this much. It had been loose when the trucks dropped it, I suppose to clean out their compartments after laying it out on the highway as it was pressed into the road or it came out as they sat waiting. By the time I got there it had become kind of solid so I had to use a shovel to break of pieces of it. Caused a lot of pain with the back but pain I live with anyway.

            Things are progressing with the dream of starting an RV park and opening a store on the interstate. Everyone we talk to says it is a great idea but only a few have had the confidence in the plan or the financial means to invest with us. Cherie has a bounce in her step these days because her hope is renewed and she can see a light at the end of the dark tunnel we have been in so this motivates me to get on the phone and ask for help. Depression has been a problem we both have had to overcome as it seems like we have been slammed so many times by those we trusted. What is sad is that so many of them wear the uniform of being good Christians and one was even a pastor. Fortunately my faith in God is not based on how others act and there are many we know who practice their faith and provide strength and encouragement. I feel bad for the others for they have no idea of what they face on judgment day. Have reached out to them and tried to mend the fences but was met with stone walls. Besides the bible said that this is the way it will be, with good and bad all mixed up in the church together.

            It’s a windy day. Have to let the water soak down before I can see to repair the gopher damage. Will run out and find some caliche now.


Anonymous said...

I've quit trusting in brethren a long time ago. Many are judging and have rules made up by men. Sadly some non-believer is easier to make and keep friendship with and is for life.

Bob said...

It is sad but I will always hope for the best. One of the problems with ministry is to try and get others to improve. To do that you inescapably make them aware of a fault and that is seldom received well.