Monday, January 17, 2011

New dog has a name now

Meet Buddy, we hope he stays a while and stays healthy

1/17/11 Monday
Today I will attend the yearly Prayer Summit put on by the Midland Ministerial Alliance at the Circle Six Baptist Camp. While meeting with Cecil and Chuck at the Hebrew Friday Chuck asked if I would like to attend. I expressed an interest but explained we don’t have the finances. Chuck said that there was some scholarship funding available and that he would check on it for me. This event is normally for pastors of churches but evidently Chuck and Cecil view me as being active in the ministry, which I am through jail and prison ministries along with touching a few lives here and there. I am grateful for the respect showed by this, but wonder how some others will respond to my presence at this event. It will be interesting but life around me is seldom boring so we’ll see.

The new dog has a name now. We will call him “Buddy”. I’d been kind of thinking that and Cherie suggested it so that’s the name. He doesn’t stay off the highway and chases our trucks down the road when we leave so we worry about that. At night we lock him in the veranda area and do the same whenever we leave to keep him from chasing. Today I go to the event at Circle Six and am debating whether I should lock him in that long. I think I will. It has hurt us so much each time we lost a dog and that’s a pain we wish to avoid. Buddy is a wonderfully gentle dog and beautiful too.

I’ve been fighting off a cold for five days now. It started after I visited the Stanton jail and the two guys there were both coming down with something so odds are they shared it with me. So I’m taking massive doses of vitamin C along with vitamin D and Echinacea along with doing some salt water gargles. Still it is creeping slowly down into the lungs. Had a fever of 101.2 Friday or Saturday but that’s gone now. We’ll continue to pray and eat healthy so I’m not worried.

I’ll continue to work on the bathroom best I can. Will tape and put some goop on it to smooth things out for future painting or wallpaper. I think they call that mudding but am not sure. There are a few warm days predicted, starting today, but come Thursday it’s predicted to get cold again. This cold and fever has kicked me a bit, making it harder to get moving but I’ll keep pushing through. Need to clean up for this two day prayer summit so it’s time for a kitchen sink bath.

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