Thursday, January 06, 2011

This morning's sunrise

1/6/11 Thursday
It’s almost 1:00 in the afternoon. I am forced to lay down, and always hate these reminders that I have difficulties. Was doing well this morning, got up and going and getting things done. On the way back from picking up the mail had one of those headaches that have plagued me since the accident ten years ago. They had reduced in severity and number of occurrences over the years but sure have been coming back with a vengeance lately. Don’t know what is triggering these headaches, or if there is a trigger at all, but I’ve had a resurgence of the confusion and slowdowns that are a part of the TBI (traumatic brain injury) as well and it causes concern. Called Cherie to let her know we needed dog food and told her about the headache. As I talked I could hear me slowing down. It always becomes more apparent when I have to converse.

3:26 – Still slow and still have the headache. I finished patching the hole in the bedroom wall Cherie wanted me to fix. That needed to be fixed six months ago but it was out of sight so I never remembered it. She finally put it on a list so that helps me remember. I’m not walking well. If anyone saw me they would think I was drunk. Glad no one sees me except if they drive by when I’m walking outside. Right now everything is loud, kind of like when you have a hangover, and light is painful. Hard to believe I used to drink, knowing I would suffer like this the next day from the alcohol poisoning. At least I got something done today. These are frustrating times, when this happens.

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