Saturday, October 09, 2010

They seized our funds!

It’s turning into one of those days. First of all Cherie checked mail and we got notification that the VA has seized our CRP check. We were afraid that would happen after they grabbed our IRS refund. This whole matter is in dispute and being appealed so for them to do this violates the law. Do they care? No, not unless it becomes a big public embarrassment, and probably not even then. How bad will this hurt us? Real bad. We depend on the check to pay all of our property taxes and all of our insurances. Had those payments all timed to coincide with the check. We also use the money to buy supplies for the farm and this upcoming year was to be our first real try at making a profit. I was going to purchase hundreds of plants already started for we’ve learned that getting seeds to start with this well water doesn’t work. The real kicker is that the cap on Cherie’s tooth fell out and she needs the expensive repairs done on it, so funds from the check were earmarked for that. I’ll go to the Texas VA rep, probably Tuesday because Monday’s a holiday, and see if I can motivate him some. Then I’m thinking about contacting my congressman about it.

Second issue. The aerial spray plane just made two passes over our land, spraying a full load of poison. I’m sure it’s defoliant as they are spraying that on the cotton. Not good, not good at all. I was out hoeing weeds when he flew over me. Have a serious metallic taste in my mouth now. I ran inside and grabbed the camera to take a picture and get the number off his plane. Was successful in doing that. Next is to start raising hell about it. Three years ago the overspray hit us hard, killing some of Cherie’s flowers and making the leaves fall off many of our trees. I so want to get along but can’t do this. We live here and the defoliant is a form of agent orange. We want to have our land certified as organic and can’t do that if they spray poison on it. So it’s our health and potentially our livelihood that is being attacked here.

Just got a load of horse manure. It’s free but sure comes with a price. I thought we had worked out an arrangement where I would get paid to clean the horse stalls and thus more easily shovel the manure into the truck. It didn’t work out due to poor communication between the husband and wife. The last thing I want to do is cause a problem in a relationship so I just backed out of view so to speak. There’s at least another pickup load of manure out there, maybe even three, but it’s still damp six inches under the surface and thus heavy. My pain level on one load is up there so I won’t get any more today. I still need to unload it and we are going to the Teen Challenge dinner at six so can’t lay here too long. Will let the muscles relax and the pain get down to manageable level and get back out there.

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