Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Will check on the widow

This morning's sunrise.

10/19/10 Tuesday
Dinner with Bishop Mwambi went well. He didn’t talk a whole lot, was rather quiet, but that doesn’t surprise me. Neither Cherie nor I are social creatures adept at making conversation so I’m sure he found us to be quiet as well. Oh, there was plenty of conversation, so don’t get me wrong. We talked about the spread of Islam in Africa, as well as this country, and discussed the prevalence of witchcraft and Satanism in Africa and how those who practice that directly attack him. I explained that this kind of stuff is practiced here in the US as well but generally is not as open nor accepted as it is in some cultures in Africa, however it is increasing in prevalence and popularity.

Yep, the grilled was fired up. I think this was only the second time I fired it up this year. Just haven't had the occasion to do it and on our budget steaks are a luxury we seldom indulge in.

Sam was with us as well. In fact he contributed greatly to the dinner, helping me the day before pick and shell blackeyed peas and he also bought some steak and watermelon. The watermelon is in the fridge and as is often the case, because it was out of sight we forgot all about it so it’s still in the fridge. Sam is an accomplished guitarist who has played with some of the great names in blues and jazz. The Bishop is also a lover of music and jazz so they talked a lot about that, naming albums and musicians that were all unfamiliar to me. One of these days I would love to hear Sam play.

Today I will focus on weeds I think. I did get the lawnmower with the grass catcher running again. It needed the pull rope replaced. Perhaps I’ll fire it up today, we’ll play that by ear. This afternoon I need to visit the widow’s house in Midland. Someone broke in last week and she’d like me to insure it’s secure now. We suspect the person who entered the property is her grandson who had been staying there and, because he refused to help or follow simple rules was asked to leave. Whoever came in evidently had a key as there is no damage from a break in. She can’t afford to have the locks changed so will brace the doors from the inside. I’ll check on that this afternoon.
If you look carefully you can see the beginnings of a rainbow that showed up right when I put steaks on the grill. There were a few drops of rain but as is often the case most of the storm avoided the farm.

That’s it for now. There’s lots on my mind, as there always is. I’m still praying for the couple who turned on us and choose to be oblivious to themselves, and will continue to do so till they return to where they should have never left.

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