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Truth about Egypt

2/4/11 Friday
We got the temperature up to 61 degrees in the bedroom, an all time high for this cold snap. The rest of the house doesn’t fare as well but I did keep the fire roaring in the woodstove to combat the cold. Part of the problem there is the types of wood I have to burn. Burned up all of the Mulberry logs long ago, except some pieces that were too big to fit in the wood stove and lots of small branches. So there was some elm left and elm is a poor wood for burning. Doesn’t burn very hot, leaves lots of ash, and smells bad. I’ve gone through two cords of wood this winter and the elm is left over from last winter’s firewood.

There is so much on my mind, but I can’t share most of it. I see things happening that I am unable to halt and it grieves my heart, for I know the outcome of what I see. We have experienced so much hypocrisy from people who apparently are unaware of how they offend the Lord, willfully blind to themselves. But we find gems in the mud, wonderful people who live what they profess. All of this confirms the truth of the bible as what we see and experience was spelled out pretty clearly thousand’s of years ago. The events in Egypt and around the world with Islam have been accurately foretold, in addition to the corruption in the church, and how the love of many will grow cold in the last days.

Speaking of Egypt, let me share with you what we have heard from our friends who minister there. Ron is currently in Columbia after building an orphanage or church in Ecuador but is in contact with his people in Egypt. These people include some of the highly placed government officials who had been forced to step down as president Mubarak tried to appease the protestors. Naturally much of what we see on the news only dimly resembles the truth, and has been whitewashed to create an impression that supports our president’s position and actions on this. It was interesting yesterday, as I watched ABC news, to see Diane Sawyer say “And what about the mysterious Muslim Brotherhood? What is their influence in the peoples revolution?” at the start of a series of live reports from Egypt. I watched carefully, anxious to hear their spin on it, and not another word was spoken about the Muslim Brotherhood.

This reveals the influence and false perceptions presented by this organization. The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in 1929, shortly after the Turkish Caliphate was dismantled in 1926. It’s stated goal and purpose is to reinstate the Islamic Caliphate, which is basically an alliance of all Islamic nations under the rule and direction of a central authority. It’s goal is then to subdue the world and make all subject to Sharia law. Islam is not just a religion, but a complete political system that requires all to submit, or face death. There is NO tolerance for any other religious beliefs, NO tolerance for anything except complete submission. This religion, and their three holy books, including the Koran, among other things, promotes deceit as a good thing to do in order to further the cause of Islam.

And deceit is something they are good at. They lie to their own people and lie to the rest of the world, portraying themselves as guardians of peace and love, when at the core of their written beliefs is subjugation and death. In the Muslim Brotherhood’s written documents are plans on how to creep in to governments, schools, and even other religious organizations, make friends and to influence them to believe that Islam, and Sharia law, are good and peaceful. History reveals the truth of this matter, and recent history paints a clear picture of what the ultimate goals of this system are and the shows the end result.

Remember way back to the Shah of Iran? How he was deposed and the Ayatollah Khomeini took over? There is a letter the shah had written, I think to his daughter, where he expresses his fears for Iran should the radical Islamists, led by the Muslim Brotherhood who were behind it all with the Ayatollah, take over. His words came exactly true after President Carter turned his back on our ally and betrayed the shah in his ignorance, under the guise of promoting “democracy”. We now see the fruit of that ignorance and are repeating it. Obama is turning his back on our ally, President Mubarak, saying it is to promote democracy and to give “The people of Egypt” their freedom. It’s not the people of Egypt who are protesting, it’s the thousands of young, unemployed, easily manipulated youth who are tools of the Muslim Brotherhood and their influence through the Imam’s at the mosques, along with the internet and mass media.

Look at what has, and is happening in Europe and England, as well as the UN. Most of us are not really aware of what goes on in the rest of the world, or knowledge of these things only coming from what we see on TV. Part of the Islamic strategy to win the world for Allah involves having as many children as possible and thus spreading Islam through population growth. There are now whole areas of France, and for that matter enclaves established throughout the world, including here in the US, where not even law enforcement cannot go. I’m not making this up. Through this growing population comes increased political influence, for politicians, ever hungry for influence and power, sell out to these populations. Now there are Sharia courts in England, France, Sweden, and many other countries, where the existing law of the land has been usurped in order to appease the Islamic demands.

At the core of this is a prevailing evil, a satanic presence. When Mohammed invented the Muslim religion, he chose out of the three hundred sixty or so Babylonian god’s worshipped at Mecca, Allah. Allah was the god of war, the god of lies, the god of the sword, and the god of the moon, which represented death. This is the root of Islam, this is what hides under the guise of being the religion of peace. Muslim’s are bullies, demanding their “freedom”, which means they want to do things their way and not to submit to any other law or system of governing. In France and England they regularly gather and purposely disrupt life, stop traffic by lining the streets and sidewalks to pray, saying it’s their right to practice their religion.

In the UN, the Islamic countries have become powerful, as is expected now that the world depends on their oil. They have pushed for an international law that makes it a crime to discriminate against any religion. This sounds fine on the surface, like it protects all people’s rights to worship however they want, but the reality is very different. Islam doesn’t tolerate ANY religion, except it’s own. Go to any Islamic country and you will find persecution and hate at a level beyond comprehension. They kill, maim, discriminate against, and persecute all who do not conform to their way of thinking. They even kill each other over differences in how they interpret the Quran.

OK, back to what our friends have heard, directly out of Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood, under it’s many names and guises, is directly responsible for this terrible uprising. Many have barricaded themselves into their homes for fear of the roaming mobs. These mobs are not just randomly attacking and looting, (though in some cases they are, to take advantage of the chaos) but often are directed against those who represent any threat to radical Islam. They have tried, unsuccessfully, to get past the army, that is guarding the garbage cities where an estimated 4 million Muslims, who converted to Christianity, are forced to live. The stated goal of these attackers was to kill all those who abandoned their Muslim faith and became Christian, an offense that requires death under Sharia law. Banks don’t have money and food is running out at the stores.

During all this we are told by our president and other leaders, that we “Support the people” and our government is pressing Mubarak to step down. Oh, this is to allow “democracy” to happen? It is Iran all over again. Our government is disgracing itself, abandoning an ally, turning our back on one of the two Mideast countries we counted as friends. We are allowing our enemy to gain power in yet another country. Jordan is falling too. Iraq and Afghanistan are on the brink, just barely holding on against the radical elements that are actively killing our soldiers every day. Do we have a bunch of blind idiots running our country? Or are there elements crept in with their own agendas? The last two countries, with borders on Israel, are falling. With that comes more pieces in the Caliphate puzzle being put together, with the stated goal of wiping Israel off the map and killing all Jews and Christians.

Please look up Act for America, an organization founded by Bridgette Gabriel that exposes and fights against all these elements in our country. Get on their mailing list and get involved, for this cancer is here in America and growing in the same way it has elsewhere in the world. Even Russia and China are under attack, with terrorist events a regular happening and great discord as Muslims press for more power and influence, all in the name of their “Rights”.

I’ve got to go.

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