Friday, February 11, 2011

While the world crumbles, we party

2/11/11 Friday
It’s going to be a busy day. I first need to return the mirror we bought for the bathroom because, when I took it out of the box, I found it was damaged. At noon I will attend the fellowship meeting at the He Brew coffee house that is across the street from the Midland high school. At 4:30 I plan on meeting Robert in Midland and riding with him to the Lynaugh prison in Fort Stockton. I usually get back from that after midnight. At some point in all this I need to mail a package to the Cubit Foundation, our friends who minister all around the world, including Egypt.

Watching the news is frustrating. What I see is so slanted and so not true. Oh, there’s a little truth in there for such is the nature of deceit, to mix a little truth into the lie in order to make it believable. Any mention of the Muslim Brotherhood is passing and ignores their publicly stated goals and beliefs. As ABC ran a story regarding the state of affairs in that entire region, they showed a map of Israel. On the map ABC had marked Israel in a bright yellow but there was a huge region, around Jerusalem, that was clearly identified as not being Israel. This is the “disputed” territories that Palestinians are laying claim to. The fact is that this area never belonged to the Palestinians, who had, by the way, been kicked out of Jordan half a century ago.

The Muslim Brotherhood announced that one of the first thing they intend to do when they take over Egypt, is to cancel the peace treaty Egypt has with Israel. They said the peace treaty is an offense to all Arabs, all Muslims. So they have publicly stated they intend to take over Egypt, and for that matter their written mandate in the Brotherhood’s founding documents, clearly outlines the goal to restore the Ottoman Caliphate, and from that base take over the world, converting all to Islam. Egypt and Jordan are the two countries on Israel’s border that maintain a level of negotiated peace and both are under siege. Hammas, Hezbollah, Alkaida, and pretty much all Islamic terrorist organizations, are tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, along with a large number of front organizations with benign sounding names that hide their true agenda. Understand that lying in order to achieve your goals is an integral part of the Islamic religion and is clearly outlined in the Quran.

Just as I desire to share the love of Jesus, to lead people to accept the gift of eternal life, they desire to spread their religion. The problem is that these two religions are dramatically different. Islam purports to be the religion of peace but the reality is it is a religion of hate and violence. Jesus said to love and care for your neighbor as yourself, to give and sacrifice for the other. It’s sad that there are so few who wear the Christian name tag actually practice that. Love, forgiveness, mercy, are to be the identifying hallmarks of our faith, and there are many who practice what they profess, but you have to look to find them. The reality of Islam is seen in their countries and mosques, even here in the United States. Women are like cattle, beaten and subjugated, not allowed to be educated, and killed when they don’t comply. Islam hates the Jews, Christians, and even other Muslims who don’t conform to a particular sects belief system.

I was just watching a program that showed the concentration camps in Austria, where millions of Jews were systematically murdered. Islam denies the holocaust ever happened, while at the same time states their desire to repeat it on a much grander scale. This hatred of Jews is an amazing thing. It won’t die or go away and shows up in so many forms, in so many different cultures and ethnic groups, that one must wonder, why? I believe this is a spiritual thing, something bred through demonic activities, and fed by entities that hate all things God, that desire to do nothing but steal, kill, and destroy. What marks this people for hate? As a general rule the Jews are successful people with a high degree of morality. They work hard, they care for others, they are intelligent and have contributed to the world through fantastic science and medical breakthroughs, so what’s the deal? Of all the people in the world, these qualities are the ones I’d seek when looking for friends and people I want on my side. So this hate has no reasonable or fathomable foundation, but it still lives and spreads like a cancer, infecting all who look for someone to blame their problems on.

I watch the news, seeing these things happening and then see how the news focuses on inane things, that which doesn’t matter in the scheme of things. The world is being rapidly infected with many diseases, Islam just being one of them. Nuclear arms are being disseminated to those who have no qualms about using them, communism and greed grow with their ambitions, and that which is good and clean rapidly becomes that which is held in derision and laughed at. Like the bible says “Good will be called evil, and evil good”. So while the world crumbles we are entertained, distracted by our TV’s and all the things that in the end don’t really matter, fed a rosy picture that is not true. We work, we strive to obtain things, to impress others with how successful we are, and we try to have as much fun as we can. All the while the ship is sinking. Get real folks. Whether you like it or not, we will all die, some earlier than others, but it’s appointed for us all to meet God. Then we learn what was important, and what is not. For me, I seek the truth and work to discern what is a lie. What is important isn’t money or popularity, it’s the lives you touch and ultimately that which pleases God, who gives life.

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