Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Man it's cold

2/1/11 Tuesday

The storm blew in yesterday. It sure is cold in the house today and running the space heater on high along with keeping the woodburner stoked doesn’t seem to do much. Most of that is due to the wind and the old leaky windows. We put a towel in the joint that’s between the upper and lower sections of the bedroom window to reduce the amount of cold air blowing in. It’s enough to make the curtains wave. I’ve got the extra wooly winter socks on but my feet are still cold.

We set up an electric blanket out in the veranda to help keep Buddy warm. Cherie and I both went out and covered him up several times last night. When the snow came it blew in and covered the blanket that was covering Buddy so it was a good thing. He was still under the covers when we got up this morning. Tonight it’s supposed to get down to eight degrees or so and that’s when it will be most dangerous for him. Too bad we can’t let him in the house. Right now, between Rascal and Buddy outside, it’s a pee contest. Everywhere one goes the other has to follow, each marking territory on top of the other. If we dared let Buddy in the house this would be a disaster.

Cherie didn’t go to work today. She started out and made it to the highway. The roads were so slick and icy that traffic was almost at a standstill so she turned around and came home. She tried again an hour later but it was still bad so she called work and told them she would not be in.

I thought I cut enough wood to last three days but it’s clear, at the rate I’m burning it, that it isn’t enough. So I’ll go out and cut some more today. Maybe I’ll put an extra pair of socks on. It’s all covered with snow now so that ought to be fun.

I need to start studying how to do our income taxes. We can’t afford to pay someone and the farm stuff is something most tax preparers are not familiar with. At least I got the 1099 in the mail for Alan. Cherie isn’t terribly confident about me doing this, and I can’t blame her. My track record for completing tasks is pretty poor. I’ll give it a good try and if it doesn’t look like I can do it we will have to find someone to help.

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