Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Good to be home

5/2/11 Monday
It’s good to be home. Spent four days down in Fort Stockton, with the Kairos Prison ministry. What a blessing that always is, along with a reminder of the power of God to heal and restore life, in addition to renewing my awareness of the consequences of making wrong choices. Right now I’m in for a moment to lay down and let the back pain ease up before I get back out to work on the farm. I’m hoeing weeds in the area I plan on planting corn. It’s amazing how some of these weeds can grow despite there being no rain out here for going on seven months now. On top of that every weed provides a place for the wind blown sand to settle so they are all covered yet manage to overcome that too.

There has been lots of wind and sand lately and it has totally changed the landscape around here. Almost seems like a return of the dust bowl days. Perhaps we are in for such a disaster as statistically such events happen every fifty to a hundred years. Want to research the dust bowl days online when I get a chance. Fighting off a slowdown right now. Stayed amazingly sharp the entire time we were at Kairos, and I give credit for that to prayer and the grace of God.

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