Wednesday, May 04, 2011

So much to catch up on

another neat mystery plant we found out in the corn field. Plan on transplanting it to where the roses are and seeing if it makes a good ground cover plant.

5/4/11 Wednesday
There is so much to catch up on. I will make the time to do so despite having a full schedule. It seems that there are many distractions lately, things that disrupt my time on this computer and take me away from things I need to do. I got involved in some facebook games to provide a means to communicate with my youngest son but they ended up being time burners and did little to open doors with him, so am eliminating them from my retinue.

Today is a chilly windy day. Been out chopping weeds for three days to prepare the area we will plant corn on. The seeds arrived a few days ago and we just got word that the strawberries and asparagus plants we ordered have been shipped so I must rush to prepare those areas for planting. All of the plants we put in so far seem to be struggling to survive. I suspect that is a result of the well water being so poor. Waiting on the latest test of the water to be finished. Took the sample in last week so it’s probably done now. I’ll need to remember and stop by the water board’s office and get it.

The refrigerator we had out in the garage stopped working a year ago. It is used to store seeds and the various chemicals we need for the farm. I still kept them stored in it despite it not working anymore because at least it kept the mice and rats from getting into them. Said a quiet prayer the other day, “God, we need a fridge that works” and the next day got an email from Freecycle. A lady in Big Spring is moving and giving away the fridge she had in the garage. I was the first caller to respond and thus got it. We went yesterday to pick it up. Made a ramp out of three two by sixes, along with a piece of plywood. Cherie and the lady helped me push it up the ramp onto the pickup. Without them I wouldn’t have been able to load it. After carefully driving home I proceeded to roll it down the ramp and two of the two by sixes broke under me, so I fell with the fridge falling with me. Got a bruise on the right leg, which being partially paralyzed is generally numb, so I couldn’t feel any pain. Anyway, we now have a fridge that works so our seeds should store longer and better.

The old fridge is now out with the other ones I use to raise worms in. Won’t be long before it too is full of composting manure and table scraps, and worms. Had to shovel away a lot of sand that had built up around the area before I could place it. There is lots of sand in lots of places that needs to be removed. I am not physically capable of doing all of that. Despite the stronger medications I still must come in and lay down till the pain level drops down to a manageable level.
If you look real hard, you can see the lawn mower that has almost become lost in the blowing sand.

With Cherie no longer working, we now have no source of income at all. We will sell all the stuff that has gathered in the back that we planned on selling anyway. There are old computers, printers, monitors, some furniture, along with a brand new rear end for a dragster that comes with a brake system, rotors, special axles, and other parts for it, all new in the box. I’ve been meaning to sell it for a while but never seem to get around to it. Now that Cherie’s home I’ll be able to get the help organizing and scheduling my day that I so desperately need. There are some other things to sell as well. Some we’ll put on E bay and some on Craigslist, I think. I’ll look for more side jobs that will help us pay the bills, and we will do what we’ve done since we moved to Texas, Trust in the Lord.

I’ve got some writing to do. There’s a letter I’ve been putting off for a while that God has made it clear must be done. I need to write about the Kairos week we just had and post it on the blog we created just for that. There are bible studies that have been neglected, then there are the books. The main one is the one that tells my story, that reveals the life I’ve led and the wonders of God’s hand in it, His mercy and grace where no mercy and grace is deserved. The other is the book on discord. It is basically a treatise on what the bible says regarding how we should all get along, and what happens when we choose not to.

Time to run in and check the mail so I’ll post this and get on my way.

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