Friday, May 27, 2011


5/27/11 Friday
It’s going to be a 104 plus degree day today. Tomorrow is forecast to hit 106. Worked till the sun went down again yesterday, pushing to get more seed in the ground. Now I’m wondering how this intense heat will affect the seeds I place in the ground, for surface ground temperatures will exceed the air temps, where the sun beats on the ground. Am rushing to get outside this morning so heres some pics

2:00 – I’m in for a break. Boy is it hot. Nothing like a hundred degree wind to suck all the moisture out of you. I know I was sweating but my shirt remained dry. Now that I’m inside, in front of a fan, the shirt is wet, for out there my sweat evaporated before it could get the shirt wet. But it did leave behind salt deposits that are visible.

Oh well. I got sugar snap peas and bush beans planted, in addition to the okra I planted last week. Not nearly as much as I hoped to have in the ground by this time. With God’s grace I’ll get melons planted today. We’ll see. Man, as soon as I come in, slug down a glass of tea, and lay down to let the pain die down, I almost fall asleep. Just tired like it’s the middle of the night. Part of that is the fatigue that goes with the brain injury. Read a statement by Bob Woodward, the network news anchor, who suffered a traumatic brain injury while reporting from Iraq. In it he discussed the issues that come with the brain injury and one of them was this fatigue. He was frustrated that he could no longer put in 18 hour days like before. I sure know what he’s talking about there.

Anyway, I’ll try to stay awake. Cherie found a buyer for the two display cases we have so I loaded them on the truck and she’s delivering them while she runs into town to do laundry. With no income at all every little bit helps. She starts school next week. Can’t remember how long the class is.

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