Tuesday, October 02, 2012

10/2/12 Tuesday
          Another day and always lots to do. Stayed busy yesterday and took Cherie to visit the doctor to get prescriptions refilled. It is a blessing now for her to have medical insurance through her job for all this cost a fraction of what it did before. We are working to get the diesel truck towed to the shop. Checked on the cost of having a tow service do it and they came up with a guess of $235.00 based on how far we are. I choked on that one. A good brother has offered to pay for the repairs but I will be as frugal with his money as I am with mine so hit the phones for a solution. I don’t ask for help often or well but will ask to save someone else extra expenses. I have chains, just need someone with a truck to pull it. One of the brothers in Christ who offered to help suggested I pull the driveshaft. I called the mechanic to verify that and he confirmed that if you are going to pull a vehicle with automatic transmission farther than ten or fifteen miles there was a definite chance of causing serious damage.

          Got the radiator from the other truck over to the Autozone store. I had talked to them before and was told that it would have to be examined and tested to verify the radiator was faulty. If it is then they bear responsibility for repairs but if it isn’t then the mechanic who put it in is at fault. When I got there yesterday I was told that this might take two or three months to get figured out. Nuts, that won’t help. It sure would be nice to get that truck up and running as it is the newest, cheapest to run (because gas is cheaper that diesel), and has air conditioning. With winter coming that is not as important but still nice.

          There is still no word or anything regarding the widow we love and were helping out. I pray for her daily and pray for the one who appears to be poisoning this relationship for personal gain. There is no question we live in a wicked world and it is steadily going downhill. I will strive to work against the darkness by bringing light into it but understand that in that process the darkness will fight back. Lies and poison words are a favorite weapon of the darkness. You can sure see a lot of that in this election, to point out one of the more obvious and well publicized areas of deception.

          I suspect that part of the problem with that widow stems from issues connected to my brain injury. Despite the dramatic improvements I have been blessed with as my brain continues to rewire, there are still areas of difficulty. Short term memory loss and the lack of focus I have are two key areas. I still need a written to do list that helps me stay on task. Even with one I am easily distracted and go off on a tangent. When I would go over to Mary’s to help I often have to look around and figure out something to do, while not remembering what I need to do. So I do the first thing I see. As a result things at Mary’s resemble things on my farm, a lot of started projects with only a few finished. Without the ability to time stamp my memories I can remember going over to her place but whether it was 2 days or 2 months ago I am often unable to discern. This is why I should schedule things on a calendar. If it says “go to Mary’s Tuesday, 2:00 PM” then there is a good chance it will happen. Unfortunately the calendar thing does not happen as much as it should.

          Gopher wars continue. Every time I fix one area of underground irrigation hose damaged when they chew through it I turn the water on and find another leak farther down the line. This time I am pouring lots of the poison grain around the line before I cover it up. With the rain we are seeing many more gopher mounds as they redig and expand their tunnels. Suckers. I’ll get them little by little but more will move in as I do so it will be a constant battle.

          That’s it for now. Time to go pull my driveshaft and attack weeds, gophers, and whatever else I find to do.

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