Friday, October 26, 2012

Blessings, and I a not a welder

10/25/12 Thursday
          I’m in for a pain break. Been out welding on the disc we were blessed with by the widow we had cared for. It brings up sadness in my heart every time I see these reminders of a good relationship turned bad. Was it her age or was it the influence of those who desired to destroy instead of build up? I suspect it was a little of both but ultimately the fault lays at the feet of our enemy, that spiritual being who wishes only to steal kill and destroy all things good.

          But meantime I am working to repair this potentially valuable piece of farm equipment. We had borrowed a wire welder from one of our friends at church and last Sunday he said we can keep it for he really doesn’t have a use for it. It is one of those cheap Harbor Freight wire welders that are often on sale for $99.00, like the other rod welder I bought. They are not made for big jobs but should work for what I am doing today. Unfortunately it is windy today and that makes welding hard as it blows away the gaseous cover provided by the flux in both the wire and rod welders. I am not pleased with the results so far so will go out and grind it down and do it over.
          This part looked good till I took the grinder to it and then saw the huge gap where it should have been solid metal. Nuts. Will have to practice using these small little welders. When my welding job broke on our plow I called a friend, who is professional welder, and he came in with his rig and did it up good. Thanks Mark. Much appreciated. I hope I can do a better job on this as it is thin metal.

          You know I don’t waste anything. This was the old lawnmower blade I had just replaced. Lost count of how many blades we have worn out but it is quite a few. I mowed over at the widows house with it for almost a year, until I fixed her mowers, and there was some seriously heavy weeds to plow through. Anyway, this should work to hold the end disc blade on. What had been there was long gone by the time we got the disc so, not having funds or even knowing the brand or type of disc it is, buying a replacement part is not feasible. Thus it is fabrication time.

          I took my pill and have been laying down so the pain is easing up some. I will fix a quick lunch and get back to work. We had a cold front that just blew in so the temperature has dropped. It will drop into the mid thirty degree range tonight so we may be firing up the wood burner for the first time this season. Fortunately we were able to get some firewood from a tree I saw dead on someone’s yard in Midland. Could only get one load before the truck had to go back to the shop.
          Speaking of the truck, it is fixed now. I stopped by Tuesday and they were done with it. Had to replace the starter, which should have been done the first time, so that was an additional $405.00 dollars. We called the nice people who had paid for the first repair and let them know it was done, but also said that we would be able to make arrangements if they did not want to pay this extra repair fee. I just  got a call from the shop and Bill had stopped in and paid for it. We are always grateful for the many people who are willing to help us and others in times of need. God will bless them for it.

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Amy E said...

I don't know who they are, but I want to personally thank you for helping Bob. Praise God for your caring heart!