Monday, October 15, 2012

Dementia? another TBI? It saddens me to see

10/15/12 Monday
          I got up and over to Mary’s by nine this morning. This will make the seventh trip I have made over to her place since the strange change in personality and subsequent anger directed towards me. At 24 miles per trip that means I have traveled 168 miles hauling sticks off her property. She had guests over as I saw the vehicle in the driveway. Anymore I don’t go to the door as she seldom, and lately, never, answers, plus there was company over.

          So I went straight to work, picking up and breaking into smaller pieces the many small branches and sticks that she had asked me to clean up. I was almost at the limit of what I can fit on the truck when I heard a voice saying “What are you doing?”. Turning I saw a man, maybe in his late 50’s, looking at me sternly. “I’m picking up sticks” I responded. “Why” he asked, so I explained “Mary asked me to”. “NO SHE DIDN’T” he said, with an obvious disbelief. I explained that she indeed requested that I do this and in fact she had written a letter detailing what to do and how. “Really? Do you have that letter” the conversation continued as it became clear this man’s opinion of me was not very high. Fortunately I had a strong impression this morning to make sure I carried that letter with me so I got it out as this man expounded on how Mary never wanted me there and wanted me to leave.

          I handed the letter to this man as I explained I had been coming here and helping Mary for a year. He quickly read through the two pages of the letter with no discernible change in attitude and said “Well, Mary has changed her mind. You need to leave now”. It is sad to understand that Mary’s mind is slipping. Now that I think about it I realize she went through this drastic change in personality after the fall that broke her wrist. We suddenly went from friends she enjoyed visiting with to someone she did not trust, like, and was very angry with. This is classic symptoms of and evidence for a traumatic brain injury. She has endured several serious falls recently and they included hard knocks on the head so I suspect this has happened. Add to that depression, medication, and age there is a strong likelihood that we are seeing the early stages of dementia and perhaps Alzheimer’s disease.

          It is sad to watch but something that is happening all over this country and the world. I don’t know who the people were who talked to me as he never identified himself, but I assume they were relatives or somehow involved with her well-being. I asked him for an email address so we could continue conversing and his response was “I’m really not interested”. I had debated emailing Mary’s daughter and decided not to as it might be perceived as a violation of trust or something, and did not want to rock the boat. Now I believe it would be in Mary’s best interest that her daughter be apprised of the situation so will send her an email.

          So I left. Brought the truck load of sticks home, where it will be piled on top of the other loads I brought. Mary had the impression that all this wood would be ideal for me to burn for heat over the winter but it really is not. I will burn the pile just to get rid of it.

When it comes to firewood the Lord has provided already. I had noticed a dead tree with some limbs cut down as I was towing the diesel to have the flywheel replaced. Curious and hopeful that it could be a source of firewood I drove back over there and knocked on the door. The lady gave me her landlords number so I called and asked him if he would like it cut down. “How much would you charge?” he asked. I explained that normally I would charge $600 to cut down and remove a tree of that size but because I needed firewood would do it for $200. He was quick to accept the offer and thus we are blessed. The two hundred dollars will just about cover my expense of cutting the tree down and hauling it away. God is always good and our needs always supplied. Of course I must go out and do the work but I find that preferable anyway.

The farmer next door sprayed his cotton with defoliant, as they do every year. Unfortunately it once again drifted over and has impacted our trees and plants again. Here is a picture of the corn. I had a picture taken just days before and it was all nice and green but a day after the farmer sprayed I found my corn severely impacted, with all these yellow spots suddenly there. This is not good and I need to talk with the guy to see if they could be more careful. I am growing food for sale and to eat, plus the defoliant is deadly and can cause cancer along with other problems. We had a dog, Midnight, who died when his liver and kidneys failed. The vet suggested he may have been poisoned running through the cotton fields after they were sprayed. Now we watch the dogs carefully to prevent them from playing in the cotton.

That is it for now. I must go unload the truck and then get to work on the irrigation stuff.

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