Monday, October 15, 2012

This is as much as I had written Saturday. As often happens in my world I probably got distracted and went to work doing something else. So I will post this and then work on another journal entry that will fill you in on stuff. The picture is this mornings sunrise

10/13/12 Saturday
          It’s 12:32 in the afternoon. I came in for a pain break at around 11:30 . I have been working on reinstalling drip irrigation for days now and there are many more days of work left on that. Much of the old drip irrigation has been damaged and repaired many times and in addition the hard water has plugged up many of the emitters. I call it old drip irrigation but this stuff is only two or three years old. Can’t really remember how old it is and would have to go back through this journal to find out, but this inability to remember how long ago something was done is one of the issues that came with the brain injury. I can remember putting it in but could not tell you if it was last year or four years ago.

          But as I go I learn and sometimes I remember what I learned so this year we are putting in all new stuff in a better way than before. Each drip line will be a little deeper than before. I will spread fertilizer throughout this soil before I shovel it all back in over the drip tape. Mixed a bunch of the fertilizer together in the cement mixer this morning. I have bags and buckets of fertilizer all over the place but unfortunately can’t remember what is what. I often try to be careful to label things, knowing I will not remember what it was, but I often don’t remember to do that so a day later it is a mystery package to me. Fertilizer is fertilizer so I figured I would just mix it all together and hope for the best. I have gypsum, sulfur, and a variety of soil amendments which include minerals, slow release, and who knows what else. So much of it I scavenged from wherever I could, even shoveling up some that had spilled out of broken bags at a nursery’s parking lot. Was always careful not to get anything that had weed killers in it so we should be good.

          Cherie fixed us some hamburgers for lunch. I took a pain pill and laid down for about an hour. Thus I feel much better so it is time to go back out to work and go until I once again hurt too much to keep on. Then I will take another pain break and do it all over again. Nothing new, I’ve been doing this for years and refuse to let pain turn me into a vegetable. 

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