Friday, June 20, 2008

Hundred degrees

6/19/08 Thursday
It’s a hundred degrees out according to the thermometer we have outside the kitchen window. I don’t know how accurate it is but I’m sure it’s close. I generally work for about two hours out in it and then have to come in to cool off and recover. I’ve been in for an hour now so am about to head back out but wanted to make an entry in this journal first. I figured that the plants would be looking good after this rain we got but was real disappointed to see the tomatoes were looking rough. This morning I discovered that I had forgotten to turn the water to the strawberries off. That means it has been on for at least two days and nights straight, even through this hard rain we had. Not good at all. It is so frustrating to have these constant lapses of…I don’t know, just to keep forgetting things and have that damage or destroy what I’m trying to accomplish. Hopefully the strawberries will survive.

I called Jeffery at Agristar this morning to let him know that when I called the company that is to install our satellite internet they didn’t have a clue about it. He had called last week to give me their number and the order number and also said they would give us a month’s service for free because of how long it has taken. He said he would have to call back when he found out what was going on. It will be a tremendous help when we can access the internet whenever we need to.

I also called Patrick, our attorney, to let him know the letter he sent never arrived. He was puzzled about that and double checked out address. He had it right. I explained that this wasn’t something new, that we have had several pieces of mail just not show up, mail I know was sent and sent to the correct address. Some of this mail was from the VA hospital and caused problems when we didn’t get notifications of appointments or test results. I went to the VA administration office to confirm they had the correct address and information because of this. Now they call me to confirm appointments and stuff. The suspicious or paranoid part of my mind wonders if some nosey people in Stanton are intercepting the mail to see what I’m up to. Paranoia is a common problem with brain injuries and one I contend with daily.

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