Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I think I will make that a separate post so here’s the rest of what’s been going on. My pain level is unusually high today. This is due to what I did yesterday and when I did it I knew this would be the result. I’ve been meaning to get a load of rocks for a few weeks now and when we picked up some cactus when we got the bicycle for Cherie that a lady was giving away getting rocks became more important. That is because we need to make a rock garden to plant the cactus in. The bicycle we picked up is in bad shape and needs tires and a lot of work but Cherie wants it to help her get back into shape.

So I got rocks, lots of rocks, some really big rocks. It kind of rocked my boat picking some of these up but I gritted my teeth and pressed on, as I am prone to do. It hurt then and I knew it would hurt more later but that isn’t the kind of thing that will stop me. I don’t let much stop me. Pain is just an inconvenience that I live with every day. I resisted the temptation of taking two pain pills this morning. That’s something I won’t play with having gotten addicted to pain pills back before the wreck when I had broken two of my ribs. I didn’t get hardly any sleep last night because of it and getting out of bed is quite an adventure. By the time I got home yesterday walking was difficult to say the least but I had stuff to do so that didn’t stop me.
Here's the "Headlight" I got. It allows me to work long after the sun set.

But I didn’t water the melons last night like I needed to so watered them this morning. The black eyed peas seem to have grown pea pods overnight. I guess I haven’t noticed because I was working on so much other stuff. It’s gratifying to see them doing so well when so much other stuff has been hit so hard by the wind and heat. We also have some of the European melons forming as well. I can’t remember the name of them right now, something like Charentaise or something. I’ll look it up later. Don’t have time right now.

Cherie loves her new job and is happy to be back to work. She’s not too good at cleaning house but receptionist and office work is what she is good at. I am glad to hear she’s happy with this job. I just like her to be happy but there is nothing worse than working a job you don’t like. I’m not talking about cleaning house. She’s fine with that but it’s hard on her physically. She had some jobs in Toledo that entailed doing receptionist and office duties but the atmosphere was unpleasant to say the least. She would come home drained and depressed. It is good to enjoy your work.

I’ve got to run to Janie’s and take care of their dogs today. First thing is to get the truck unloaded. It’s a commercial truck but the stone weighs so much the bumper is almost on the ground. Unloading will be easier than loading it was, at least I hope it will be. I’ll have to put some black plastic down first so weeds won’t grow up between the stones. I’ll arrange everything later on and build on the wall then, right now I just want to get the truck empty before I go to Midland.

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