Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Threaten my friend?

6/21/08 Saturday
I decided to run into Stanton yesterday, where I can go online through the Wi-Fi on this computer. Amy had sent me an email the day before telling me she had gotten a strange and threatening message that had come from my blog and asked if I had sent it. Of course I didn’t but asked what it said. So I got her reply, the message basically said that she better quit prying into others lives or she would find her life being pried into. The reason this showed up as coming from my blog is whoever sent it linked to her through her comments on the blog. So I must ask you readers, have any of you received similar emails??? I suspect that this came from someone in the Stanton community. I know I have rankled and upset some at the first church of Stanton. I have been honest and frank telling about our experiences in that church and that doesn’t go over well I have learned.

I recall a conversation I had last month with one of the locals. When I said that I believed in being honest and saying what you thought she told me that she didn’t like that and wouldn’t want to be around someone like me. This kind of thing puzzles me. There was a time where saying that a man was “forthright” was a complement speaking to the man’s honor and integrity. When I woke from the coma I determined to live this gift of life I have been given as good as I can. This included being honest and transparent. I actually was already of such mind before the accident and had posted on the walls of my showroom a placard that said “It only takes two things to get my respect. Say what you mean and do what you say”. In the world of criminals I have touched on in my past deceit is a mainstay and something to brag about. I heard tales of how they would suck someone in and gain their trust with their guile, and then take them for what they could. There are songs about this. One says “Smiling faces, sometimes hide a frown, smiling faces give no traces of the evil that lurks within”.

So someone has threatened a friend. Who I don’t know but it’s pissed me off. You don’t mess with my friends. And of course, whoever it was is a coward because they didn’t have the guts to leave their name. Now I may be wrong in what I’ve said but I don’t hide and am more than willing to accept criticism. In fact I ask for it and desire to be told when I am wrong. Then I am more than willing to apologize and change erroneous thinking. The fact is I often get confused or interpret things wrong, this is a common problem us survivors of brain injuries have.

Because of this I’m going to write a piece regarding the issues and thoughts I have from our experience in Stanton. It will be blunt, honest, and I’ll probably preach some.

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