Monday, June 30, 2008

Cool weather

6/30/08 Monday
Yesterday the weather forecast predicted high temperatures of 93 degrees. This morning it is predicted to be in the seventies. This of course is great news. We had some more rain last night. Don’t know how much because we don’t have a rain gauge but the ground is nice and wet. This is the most moisture we have had all year and is a welcome sight.

With the cool temperatures and wet soil I’m going to be busting my butt to get as much tilled and planted as possible. I worked hard at it all day yesterday and had expected to finish all the tilling and at least get the rest of the melons planted. Things never seem to go as fast as I think they should. It is a common misjudgment I continually have. Perhaps it is related to the brain injury like my ability to judge what size container is needed to hold whatever it is I want to contain. I don’t know but I didn’t even finish tilling despite working at it till it was too dark to see, about 9:30.

So I am almost done tilling now. It’s 10:15 and I’ve been at it since 7:30 this morning. Was working on the last patch when I had one of those chest pains that occasionally show up. This one came with an instant headache so I shut off the tiller and came in. I just chewed up a couple of aspirin like I usually do when this happens and am laying down to relax. The pain has subsided and the headache’s gone almost as quick as it came. I’ll wait a few and go back to work.

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