Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's our anniversary!!!

6/24/08 Tuesday
There is lots to catch up on but first I want to write about what happened Friday. Cherie had gone to work for Carol, a friend from Sunday school, cleaning her house. It was an all day job and when she called me at five or so I could tell she was exhausted right away from her voice. “I don’t know what I’ll fix for dinner” she said so I suggested going out to eat. I know we are pretty poor right now but sometimes you need to just let go of those worries, and I felt that this was one of those times. Cherie thought that was an excellent idea. We agreed to go to La Mission, a Mexican restaurant we both like a lot. Cherie was indeed tired so we talked about that. Cleaning house is not something Cherie is keen about. She never had to clean much in her life being an apartment dweller with roommates most of the time. Plus she’s not in the best of shape so it is physically demanding for her to do for eight hours straight.

As we talked I asked her “How long have we been married?” It is not unusual for me to ask questions like that. I still have a problem with how old I am, thinking I’m fifty one or fifty years old when I’m fifty two. And I often am not sure what day it is. This is one of those strange glitches that comes with the brain injury. Anyway, when I asked the question Cherie’s eyes got real big and she said “Oh!!! Oh!!! Today’s our anniversary!!!”. Go figure. Of course it never dawned on me and if I hadn’t brought it up probably wouldn’t have till months later. So here we are having a nice dinner at a nice restaurant, something we rarely get to do, and come to find out it’s our anniversary. It really worked out nicely. So we’ve been married four years now though it seems like we’ve been together forever.

I was skinny and had a lot more hair in our first wedding.

Our first marriage lasted four years before we separated because of the drastic change of personality that was a result of the brain injury I received when I fell out of the tree that broke my neck, back, and gave me a concussion. I still can’t believe it when I look at Cherie, realizing she is back with me, that she is by my side. What a miracle it is. Just blows me away, but my whole life has been a series of miracles since I woke from the coma, and it’s still going on. Despite all my doubts I have to believe that God has done this and has something in mind for us.

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