Sunday, October 19, 2008

Didn't go to church

10/19/08 Sunday
I didn’t go to church this morning. Yesterday was another lost day where I got very little done. This time it was not because of a slowdown. I bought three hundred and fifty pounds of rye and winter wheat. Unloading it took my back out so doing much of anything was excruciating. Even the pain pills didn’t help much. There were other things going on but I can’t remember right now. I’m a bit slow, running a five on the bob scale. (That’s a one to ten scale I use as a measure of cognitive ability. Seven is my average)

There is so much to do and so much that hasn’t been done. Keeping this journal up has suffered too. Because I need it to remember what has happened I’ll jot a few quick notes while I can remember them. Janie took us out to eat either yesterday of Friday. We met a new friend whom Janie found via a blog. She is a manager of an Odessa restaurant we like and was transferred here from the Dallas area. The kid Steve and Janie are “Big Brother” (I think that’s the program name) to was there as well. He’s a ball of energy and eats like a horse. Real good kid with a great attitude.

Ben, the golden retriever we rescued from the interstate, finished off our screen (or storm, not sure what it’s supposed to be called) door the other day. Cherie had damaged it a while back when she fell headfirst into it but when Ben jumped on it he broke it all the way. I priced them and it will cost at least $88.00 to get a new one. Fortunately we have a few bucks left from our trip to Toledo so we can afford it. That won’t last for long. With Cherie not working now and my disability check fixing to be reduced or stopped all the way things will get tight so it’s back to serious frugality. We spent a lot when we went to Toledo but don’t regret it. This was our vacation and a time to enjoy seeing family and friends. Some of the money we gave to Suzie to help them out.

I just finished repairing the kennel. Should have done it before we left for Toledo but never did. The strays are wandering far lately and that worries me. I think that started when we went to Toledo. Gretchen is in heat so that is probably a factor. Of all of them Ben is the one I most want to keep. My heart goes out to Gretchen and Scooter as I have a great empathy for all who have been abused and rejected, whether human or animal, but if they disappear it will just be a sad part of life in the country. Rascal and Trixie are the ones we raised from puppies and part of the family. If something happened to them it would break our hearts.

My anger level has been high lately. Part of this stems from a call I got from a collection agency. Before we moved here we had joined Direct Buy, a company that offered name brand products at true wholesale prices. At the time we had the mistaken belief that there would be a substantial amount of cash as part of the inheritance so figured it was a wise thing to do as we planned to renovate this house and purchase new appliances. My brother’s greed and unwillingness to try and work things out made that not happen so we were unable to make the payments and unable to purchase anything. I was going to write a letter to them and explain our situation with the hope of getting out of the contract but that was just another one of the many things I never followed through on. So we are stuck with a membership to a buying club that we never used one time. I think we made a $1200.00 down payment and the collection agency said we owe another $3000.00. I tried to explain but the lady was rude so I lost it, cussed her out, and hung up. They will be coming after us for money now. If Cherie gets a job her wages will be garnished I’m sure and they could go after our property and put a lien on the house. All of this for a product we never used one time and are unable to use. That’s four grand out the window.


Amy E said...

Bob - do ya'll have the homestead exemption on your house? If not, apply. From what I understand in the state of Texas a lien cannot be placed against your house except by the IRS. And I was under the impression that the only way wages can be garnished are for child support, student loans and IRS related expenses.

I would contact your lawyer friend and ask about this, it may be nothing but a blemish on your credit report. If you don't live by your credit report it won't really matter.

You still might have Cherie write a letter and explain the situation to the company, and hopefully they will understand or reduce the debt some. If I were you I wouldn't worry about it, you can't change it, and I am about 99% positive they can't touch your home.

Amy E said...

I'm sure you have this already but I wanted to mention the other following exemptions

over 55 (if you are)
disabled persons exemption
disabled veterans exemption

these should lower your tax base if you haven't used them already..

if eligible apply for an agricultural exemption also...

contact your local county appraisal district and other tax entities to make sure you have all these exemptions for each of your taxing authorities (school, county, water district, city)

I don't meant to treat you like you are dumb, because you aren't, but being relatively "new" to Texas you may not have know about what is available out there to lower your taxes and to protect your property.

Amy E said...

Bob - check out the following website - and here

This man is a reputable Texas attorney and gives advice in many of my local newspapers. I found this information on his site:

Can a creditor take my home?

As discussed above, once a creditor has a judgment he may take non-exempt property to satisfy it. By simply filing an "abstract of judgment," the creditor gets a lien on non-exempt real estate. Under Texas law, however, your homestead is "exempt." This means that a creditor may not force you to sell your home. The only exceptions to his rule are creditors who loan you money to buy, build or repair the home, creditors who make a "home equity loan," and certain government entities collecting taxes.

Read the entire page on debt collection if you like, very informative.

Okay, I'll mind my business now ;-)