Friday, October 10, 2008

We're heeeere

10/10/08 Friday
We made it. Flying sure beats driving for sure. If we drove it’s two days on the road each way, which makes four long exhausting days on the road. Plus the price of gas actually makes flying cheaper, or at least close to it. Gas prices here are amazingly cheaper than in Texas. It was $2.87 at one place. You’d think that it would be cheaper down in oil country where they make a lot of the gas for this country.

It was wonderful to see the trees from the air. They are starting to change to their fall colors. Ahh, trees bigger than houses, that’s something we miss. What they call trees in West Texas are just big bushes to us. Yeah, that’s a little exaggeration but not much. I guess a little Texan is wearing off on me. You can find trees in the city where they are watered and cared for but out in the desert it’s not to be.

There is so much we want to do that scheduling will be important. Last night we were exhausted and hungry, not having eaten dinner yet, but it was important to call the folks and let them know we were here. We went over for a short visit with them. Mom had broken her foot several months ago and it still hasn’t healed up so she still wasn’t supposed to be on her feet much but it’s hard to keep her down. Dad was sharp and looked a lot better than Cherie expected considering he’s been going through radiation treatments for cancer. It was good to see that. Cathy is worn from the tremendous burden she’s carrying taking care of mom and dad on top of working and her kids. What a load she carries on her shoulders. I’m impressed by her commitment and fortitude.

I called Suzie this morning and talked to her a bit. We’re heading over there right now and then I’ll run Cherie over to mom and dad’s where she will join them for lunch with her aunt and uncle, who’s fiftieth anniversary party we’ll be going to Saturday.

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Janie said...

I'm up where there are trees, too. Absolutely beautiful!

I can't say where, because I'd give away the answer to my question on my blog.