Sunday, November 09, 2008

hard drive's fried

Well that's it. The hard drive is fried and they couldn't recover anything at all from it. There goes ten thousand pictures and along with them the memories they recover as well as all the legal documents I scanned in and everything I've done for the last four years I've owned the laptop. They said that the hard drive can be sent to a lab where it can be disassembled and information can be recovered bit by bit but that costs hundreds of dollars. We will save the hard drive with the hope of eventually being able to afford doing that. There is just too much on it that can never be replaced.

A good friend bought us a new hard drive along with an external one we can use to back up everything on both mine and Cherie's computer. I had planned on eventually getting one after seeing them at Sam's Club because it just makes good sense. But like most things I plan I never got to it.

Our friend was going to pay to have the new hard drive installed but I turned her down because it's physically easy to install. However just plugging it in isn't all there is. You have to format it and install software. I will research doing that myself. I love our friend but am frugal not only with our money but our friend's money as well. If I can't do it then I'll accept the offer.


The Henegar Happenings said...

That stinks Bob, I'm sorry... that is a sickening feeling... I keep meaning to backup our stuff..... I am so sorry! Sounds like you have a very good friend.

Bob said...

We have been blessed with one of the most valuable things there is, yet you can not buy it. It is friends, true friends that are not just there for the good times but the bad as well.