Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's wednesday.

I just got back from helping the old man. We're working on what he called a pasture bin. I asked him "What's a pasture bin?" and he just laughed and said "It's one that's not square". Not sure what that means but I'll figure it out, maybe. I started out the day running strong but started slowing down after a couple of hours. I get tired pretty quick nowadays and hammering three big nails into the big boards had me out of breath and struggling to hold on to the hammer. I can't remember but I don't think it was this hard a while back but hammering nails has always been hard for me to do.

It's two o'clock now. I made sure to get something to eat cause when I didn't eat lunch yesterday (or the day before, I can't remember) it sure seemed to make me weak. I'm tired but that's normal for this time of day I guess. I'm having a hard time deciding what to do. That's indicative of a slowdown. Suppose taking a nap would be smart but I just don't like the idea. There's so much to do and napping in the middle of the day seems like being lazy. The bitch of it is that the pain level is way down so the body is willing but my mind just isn't processing well.

I called about my laptop. The guy couldn't find it for the longest time and when he finally did nothing has been done. This is day four now. Not happy but not really in good shape to go in there right now. It would be nice to get it back.

I guess I'll lay down now whether I want to or not.


Anonymous said...

Bob, I came across your story while watching a video about TBI online NOVA. I, too am a victim of TBI since 1991. Although not to the extent of your symptoms I can empathsize with your mental problems. The hardest part was trying to tell my family how much mental dysfunction I had after my car accident. I had double blows to my head. On the left side then to the forhead.
It took about four years to realize I had healed to and end point. I will always have short term memory problems. I will always not be able to distinguish opposites without a lot of effort. I will always sometimes find it hard to understand the words coming out of peoples mouth, especially when I'm tired. I wish you well in your struggle for I know all to well that lost, confused feeling. I am on my sisters computer and cant figure out how to change the information. The Char Downs is my sister's name.

Bob said...

It is hard for people to understand when you look and mostly talk normal, that is one of the reasons I talk about my problems so much, to help them understand. I wasn't expected to live and if I did was expected to be a vegetable the rest of my life. But I don't always interpret what people say correctly and then say things that aren't...quite right. I just make some uncomfortable and am often judged accordingly. I forgot that Nova included me on their report, it feels good that I can help in some way. Hang in there and email me at if you want to talk. Check out my link to Lash and Associates where you can find some survivor stories (Including mine)

Bob said...

Sorry, the link is LA Publishing