Friday, November 21, 2008

A push through day

11/21/08 Friday
This is the first entry that will be placed on this new hard drive. I hopefully will become more astute as far as keeping this journal up goes.

It’s been a push through day so far. The brain isn’t running too speedily and the right leg is noticeably absent making walking an awkward task. Trying to get things done with this computer has been an exercise in frustration and the more frustrated I got the harder it was to think. I got Microsoft Office downloaded and maybe something else but I can’t remember. Then it came time to go online in order to obtain more software (Such as the two spyware subscriptions we’ve paid for) but the wireless doesn’t work. It did for a second showing a wireless source within range called “DQTECH” but it did not detect our in house wireless set up. So I went and plugged in the cable to our satellite internet box and got online.

I took the laptop back to Best Buy after talking to a Geek Squad lady and not comprehending much of what she said. She worked on it for a half hour before begging help from the technical main dude. They got it to work so I thanked them and came home after picking up some eggs and bread at HEB. First thing I do when I get home is turn on this laptop. Damn!!! The wireless doesn’t work now. Restarting it probably made it revert back to the original problem. It didn’t have the driver for the wireless installed. That should have been done when they put in the new operating system.

I’ve got a doghouse to place in the kennel, which I am also going to move, so can’t talk as much. I seem to be clearing up cognitively. Always love it when that happens. Oh, I’ve got pictures of the doghouse. I made it so big that moving it will be quite a chore. The Ben and Gretchen didn’t go into it last night despite me putting a bowl of food inside to entice them. I sure hope they figure it out cause it will keep them warm being well insulated. Got a go.

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