Saturday, November 08, 2008

life goes on

I finally had to take the laptop in to Best Buy to have it worked on. Wanting to avoid this expense I tried to fix it for over a week but each time I turned it on things would get worse. After spending five hours on it one day and four another I quit for a while. My frustration level was getting high and that affected how I acted so I needed a break. I decided to try one last time after not turning the computer on for a couple of days. That was it. Now the computer won't even turn on. It's going to cost over a hundred dollars just for them to recover all the pictures and other information on it but they are not sure they can even do that. If they can't it will be a big loss. For them to reinstall the operating system will be another $150 but I have a recovery disc that came with the laptop that will reinstall what was on it when I got it. Hope that works.

I was able to download pictures from the camera onto this (Cherie's) computer so here are a few. I've been spending a lot of time digging trenches and putting in the badly needed water system that will enable me to get water to the plants. Mike's dad rented a trencher that we used to dig most of the trenches but we only had it for a day and didn't get everything done I wanted. Part of the problem was I couldn't remember what I wanted. I've spent days going out and walking it all off to map it out. But I didn't write anything down so when Mike asked where to dig I pretty much had to start over and figure it out again. So much was missed.

These knee pads are a life saver. Look how many stickers get on them from kneeling down just one time. Imagine how hard it is on the dogs.

Digging these trenches by hand is excruciating but has to be done. The poor dogs just love to be with me whenever I'm out working but the stickers are so bad they can barely walk. So what they've been doing is walking on top of the dirt piled up from the trencher everywhere they go cause it's safe. The problem with that is they are steadily spilling the dirt back in the trenches so I will have to dig it all out again in order for the pipe to lay flat and low.

Mikes dad also bought the pipe and fittings needed for the initial dig but as I worked I would see another area I needed water so had to buy some more. I think I'll end up with twenty seven or so faucets out there.

There is so much I wanted to write but haven't been keeping the journal up because my laptop is dead so much of it I no longer remember. The pictures I use to help remember things are on it so if they can't be recovered the memories might not be recovered either.

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