Saturday, November 27, 2010

Next step in the information age

11/27/10 Saturday
I guess we’ve made the next step into the information age. Cherie and I both got smart phones yesterday. The phones were free, it will just cost us a few more dollars a month to have them. They are “Droid” phones, something I see lots of ads about on TV. So we were both up at 2:30 this morning, I had to get up and put more wood on the fire and Cherie had to use the bathroom. Next thing I know is we both have our freshly charged new phones out exploring all the features and setting up things like email accounts. There’s so much to learn again, always with every piece of new technology. Basically this thing is like a miniature computer in your hands. That can be good or bad, depends on me and my level of self discipline. Lots of time burner stuff here. Meantime, one of the hinges broke on my laptop. I’ve had it for almost five years now and installed a new screen, motherboard, hard drive, and battery, so have been nursing it along for quite a while now. Eventually I’ll have to get another one. The battery won’t charge so it has to always be plugged in and now the top is held on with just one hinge. Perhaps I find one that doesn’t have a hard drive in it for cheap, and just move the hard drive over.

It’s 6:00 in the morning now. Cherie fell back asleep and I’m still wide awake. She was up at 4:00 in the morning yesterday, to go do that black Friday shopping thing. That’s an insanity I am happy to avoid, but she found deals we need. No Christmas shopping for us this year, budgets way to tight, so it’s all practical stuff. Not sure how practical the phones are but she’s been needing a new phone ever since stepping on her other one and the whole smart phone thing has been a draw for quite some time.

We went to the widow’s house yesterday. She’d called and said she made turkey soup for us and asked what time we would be coming over. Oops, I’d forgotten. The day before Cherie and I had both gone over so I could do some work around her house and Mrs. G. mentioned making the soup and we mentioned it sounded good. That constituted a dinner date but we weren’t terribly cognizant of that. So it was “Cherie, we’ve got to go to Mrs. G.’s” time. The turkey soup was great and Mrs. G. sure loved the company, and we loved fellowshipping with her. There are so many people in this world who do so much good, simply because they care, and go unrecognized for it. She tells us stories of the children she cares for through the grandmother program, and it’s sad to learn of the brokenness that exists in families out there. Mothers becoming homeless and parents in prison are part of the burden these children are saddled with, along with drug and alcohol abuse. So she loves the children as best she can, unable, by law, to tell the kids or parents about Jesus, the answer to their problems.
This is cute. While tearing out the old drywall in the bathroom I find this old hand saw my grandfather had left in it maybe fifty years ago. He loved his beer so I can only imagine him dry walling this in and wondering where it went

Today I will continue to work on the bathroom. Tomorrow Ron comes in from India, so I will pick him up at the airport. His wife, Paula, told me that he is exhausted from his endeavors so would probably appreciate just getting some sleep. After that I’m at his beck and call till he’s off again. I think he’s going to South America with his son to build an orphanage.

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