Monday, November 15, 2010

Winterizing the farm

11/15/10 Monday
It’s gonna be a busy day. Time to start winterizing everything. Need to drain water from swamp cooler and put the cover on, then turn the water off leading to it. I also must cover the exposed faucets with insulation and put the plastic drums I cut in half over the tops of them, along with some heavy bricks and rocks so the wind doesn’t blow them away.

There are lots of things on my mind. People we know who are making bad choices but turn a deaf ear to advice or help. I pray for them, not much else I can do. We need to get this bathroom finished and that’s a major project that developed issues related to people who don’t hear when you try to talk.

Yesterday we visited our old Sunday school group in Midland. It was good to see everyone but sad at the same time. Sad for we know we will not see them every week like we used to. It’s good to be missed, and everyone welcomed us, telling how they missed our presence and input in class. How torn I am, knowing we are needed at the Stanton church and confident that God has a reason for us to be there, but at the same time missing everyone in Midland. But it’s ok, we will see them and through the internet are able to keep in touch despite the distance. Plus Wally has made the sacrifice of coming out to visit and Don said he looked forward to doing that when he’s able to once again drive. We caught up on how folks are doing, the struggles and illnesses they are dealing with, along with the joys.

It’s a cold windy day today. Hard freeze coming Thursday morning. We are using space heaters to keep the bedroom warm and to warm up the bathroom when used. Other than that we wear warm clothes in the house and must until this bathroom project is done, for until then we are unable to fire up the wood stove. Actually I might be able too but it will require moving piles of stuff from one area and piling them up in another.

That’s it for now. I need to run a virus scan as this laptop is acting funny. Probably nothing but any changes make me suspicious. That’s it for now.

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