Monday, April 11, 2011

Always just enough, just in time

(Click to enlarge) This is smoke from a grass fire 25 miles away. You can just barely make out the sun through the smoke

4/10/11 Sunday
3:41 – I’m in for a pain break. Planted the rest of the pepper plants we bought after completing putting the drip irrigation that goes to each plant together. The money earned cutting down those trees has allowed me to buy the parts needed for the irrigation system, a badly needed pair of boots (The old ones have a three inch long tear where the leather meets the sole) and three pairs of work jeans. Jeans and boots don’t last a year with me before they are torn and worn through. It’s tight but we are always blessed with just enough, just in time, and thus it was with this chance to earn some money cutting down trees. The guy next door to where I cut the trees down asked if I could cut six of his trees down as well. I gave him a price, he talked to his wife, so I now have an opportunity to earn some more cash. This time I’ll run over to the Stepping Stone ministry and see if any of the guys would like to work with me on this job. That will save me a lot of severe pain and it would allow me to help them out a little too. With the money earned I hope to hire one of them to help me around the farm some. There is always more to do than I can keep up with, especially with these physical limitations I must overcome.

Church was interesting. That’s about all I can say right now. There were some new people who came in, and that’s always a good thing. We pray a lot for the church and the leadership these days. I talked with Cherie about it, ministered to her some and explained why I am there, and why I must stay till God releases me from that. She stayed home this morning because we have a house full of sand from the several days of blowing wind and sand that drives this red dust into every nook and cranny. Yesterday the wind came out of the south so that meant the office got hit especially hard.

I talked to the VA pharmacist about my medication and he said it definitely needs to be adjusted so I went to set up an appointment with my new doctor. It seems I no longer have that new doctor. Saw her once and that was it. The appointment guy said that because I have a new doctor I can’t get in till the end of May, about two months. I figured he was talking about the new doctor I had just seen but when I looked at the appointment sheet yesterday I saw it was a completely different clinic and doctor. Nuts. What Gives? Tomorrow I plan on calling the VA and see if I can get any answers for why this is. Meantime I have this medication that needs to be adjusted and no one to adjust it. Not good.

I was approved to participate at a Kairos ministry that goes to a different prison so that one starts next week. There’s no way we can bake the 42 dozen cookies needed for that but I think they understand that. We’ll have to work hard to cook 42 dozen cookies for the Kairos that comes at the end of the month. Many of the participants pay to have someone, like Stepping Stone Ministries, bake their cookies for them. We can’t afford that but do the best we can. I also have 42 letters to write the inmates and that will be a stretch to get done for this new Kairos I’ll be attending next weekend. Y’all pray for us, Ok?

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