Monday, April 04, 2011

Pray for someone in a coma.

First rose of the year. Put a smile on Cherie's face

4/4/11 Monday
We had the window open last night, when the front blew in. It was, I don’t know, maybe three in the morning or something when it hit. Woke us both up right away and despite hurrying to get the window closed we still ended up with a bedroom full of sand. I’m full of sand anyway from working out in the wind yesterday, putting in drip irrigation where we plan on putting tomatoes and other vine type of plants. With the cold front temperatures plummeted, from a high of 97 degrees yesterday to a forecast of only 66 degrees at the warmest today. There’s a chance of a freeze tonight so I’ll have to bring in the plants we bought Saturday. Glad I didn’t get them planted yet.

There is always much on my mind, but these days I can’t share it all till things run their full course. Then I will tell of what God is doing. I’m praying and believing that it will be good news of good overcoming bad, but that depends on the choices someone makes. We all have that right, that privilege, of being able to choose our course in life. And we all reap what we sow so if we choose wrong there is a price to pay, and if we choose right there is a reward to come. Sometimes that reward is evidenced right away but ultimately the grand reward is what we receive on judgment day. I met with a brother for lunch Friday and part of what we discussed was the scripture that talks about laying up treasures in heaven, where moths and rust can not destroy it. It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily struggle of living, and in the ambition to improve your lot in life, that we lose sight of such long term goals without the immediate rewards.

This will be a good day to work indoors. The plants will have to wait. I’ll water them and try to protect them from the wind till they get put in the ground tomorrow. I’ll “mud” the walls around the edge protectors I put up recently, and then paint them. Got the shelves all cut and painted, and you can see the “Thingies” (A Cherie word used to describe what you don’t know the proper term for) that the shelves will rest on. Gee, one of these days I might actually know what I’m doing. Every day I learn more and these days what I learn sticks around in my brain better.
Here's part of the drip irrigation stuff I'm putting together, in the house where it's not blowing sand.

It’s so nice to see how my brain continues to heal. I still have to relearn what I’ve learned before but it’s not as bad. There was a time where every day was a “new” day, in the sense that I had to start out learning what day it was and learning what I’d learned the day before, so in a way it was starting out with a blank slate every day. It’s great to wake up and know it’s Monday, or whatever day it is, and not have to figure out where I was. If you read back in the early parts of this journal you can see how far I’ve come. I remember (Which in and of itself is a wonder) after Cherie and I got back together, waking up and wondering where I was at, what was this strange apartment, and how did I get here. I literally wandered for several years in that state of constant confusion. How blessed I am, and how grateful for life I remain. I intend to always maintain that gratefulness, to always be reminded of how fragile life is and of how God’s mercy has given me the chance to do things over again, to have a “Do Over” opportunity that most don’t get. Not many are raised from the dead, like I was. I was dead spiritually and physically declared dead at the scene of the accident.

Once I get the mudding thing done I’ll start working on income taxes while it dries. Then I’ll paint it and put the shelves up. After that I’ll install the fold out doors we bought for this. Been putting doing taxes off and can’t keep doing that. Got another tree job today. A lot easier one than I did before. Don’t have to climb or do anything risky. Just drop the trees, cut them up to pieces I can move, load them up and be gone. Planning on doing that Thursday. We could sure use the money. I need to fix or get a new fuel pump for the tractor. Nate said something about putting a new diaphragm in it but I am clueless on how that’s done or where to get one. It’s time to get the tractor running.

That’s it for now. I like to spend two to four hours praying and studying the bible every day but can’t always make the time for it when there is so much to do. Need to visit the Stanton jail and see if the 19 year old who was quarantined because he tried to escape is allowed to see the visiting preacher (that’s me). They wouldn’t let me talk to him last time so we’ll see. He’s the same age I was when I got sent to prison in 1975.

Had to reset my password. Lost all that when this old laptop unplugged itself again. Without the battery working that dumps all the info and this time affected the saved stuff like passwords. Just saw a comment from someone who's relative just sustained a brain injury here in Midland and is in a coma. Will contact them and see how I can help. Pray for her with me. Hadn't looked at this blog or comments since last Tuesday. Time sure can fly some weeks.

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