Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blowing sand

4/26/11 Tuesday
Been out in the blowing sand, working to get the last 24 tomato plants in. I give!!! It’s gotten too bad to be out in it. Right now visibility is just one light pole away. Can’t see the next one down. It’s coming in spurts, a big blast of wind and sand, followed with a few seconds of “It’s not too bad” but you can see the next wall of sand barreling towards you so you know it won’t last. I should be wearing goggles but even those don’t keep all the sand out of your eyes. So I give up. Besides I have a bad headache coming on and it’s two o’clock, the time of day I usually run out of steam and need to take a nap. It’s always frustrating for me to have a body and mind that operates like an 80 year olds in that it fatigues so easily. I’ve read this is common with brain injuries, and doesn’t go away, obviously as my injury was ten years ago, but that doesn’t make me feel any better about it.

Took aspirin for the headache, a pain pill, the last one for the day as I’m only allowed two of these a day, and am laying down. Later we go to the widows house, where I plan in installing drip irrigation for the tomato plants I put in the ground for her yesterday. It’s always a blessing to go help her out. Cherie and I both enjoy spending time with her.

Falling asleep as I write this so guess it’s nap time whether I like it or not. Here’s a picture of how bad the sand is drifting up by our well. The whole road down to the well, a half mile away, is deep in sand and the truck almost got stuck. This sand is six feet away from the well and getting closer every day. Sure wish I had that front end loader that was on the Massey tractor we just sold, because it’s too much dirt to shovel by hand. Eventually God will provide another one, one that works.

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