Friday, April 22, 2011

Some how, some way

4/22/11 Friday
Found a place that sells drip irrigation stuff a lot cheaper than Lowes and the other stores I’ve been getting it. They are still more expensive than buying online but I don’t have time to wait two weeks for an order to arrive. Busted my butt working on getting the last 100 tomato plants in the ground, but still didn’t finish. Lots of composted manure, straight horse manure, and worm castings to shovel and move. This is the first time I got into the worm stuff. When I opened the door on one of the refrigerators I have lying flat on the ground, full of composting table scraps and worms, I was surprised to see a mouse in the midst of giving birth. They’d found a way inside and had even been pulling insulation out of the sides to make their nest.

Pain level is predictably higher. Pushing a wheelbarrow full of wet dirt and compost through the sand that has blown in requires major effort. Had me huffing and puffing for sure. There is lots of sand that has blown in this year. Having no rain for six months, going on seven, just added to the blowing sand. There are some areas that are a good three feet higher than they were last year. I don’t have what it takes physically to move that much sand. That’s why losing the tractor with the front end loader was such a detriment. Always lots of earth to move and now I must do it by hand with a shovel and wheelbarrow. We are praying and depending on God constantly so you watch, He’ll provide some how, some way.

It’s going to be a hot day so I need to get to work early while it’s still cool. Need to run to Midland and by some more of the cheap connectors used with the drip irrigation. It’ll cost me $12 in gas to make the forty mile round trip to buy five dollars worth of connectors. It would be nice to find a place in Stanton that sold that stuff.

Time’s a wastin so got to go.

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