Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Break time is over

7/20/11 Wednesday
Another hot humid day is forecast. I’ll get out to work quickly and get as much done as I can before it gets up there. Hope the seeds I ordered come in today. Pray for our pastor if you could. The college class will come to a close with our final exam this weekend, where we actually go into a house and do a complete analysis.

11:36 – Was out weeding where the Israeli cantaloupe are. Stood up and got all kinds of dizzy so figured I need to come in out of the heat and drink some of the raspberry tea Cherie makes. Have a headache too, so it’s break time. Someone said on the blog yesterday, that I ought to write a book. I replied that the book is in the works regarding my life, and that there were other books I was working on as well. Some of the other books won’t make a few people happy, as they will be about the lessons I’ve learned regarding faith in God, lessons learned from some unpleasant experiences we have had. I am convinced that there are no accidents in my life and that many of these experiences we have endured were set up by God for the specific reason of the books I am to write.

I am also convinced that we are living in the last days, that things are rapidly coming together in an orchestrated way. A part of those last days will be a great falling away, a tremendous increase in false teaching, pride, ego, selfishness, greed, sensuality, and a host of other troubles. The ones who stand up for truth will be the ones persecuted, ostracized, and talked bad about. I plan on being among that group. Actually, in some circles I evidently already am.

Break time is over. Still have the headache and not feeling up to speed, but there is work to do. I am grateful for the new pain meds as they help greatly. Don’t have to take as many pain breaks as I used to.


lisa said...

just found your blog and am looking forward to learning your story. Right now in my life, I need strong Christians displaying a strong faith, God brought me here I guess!

Bob said...

I can accept that God brought you to this blog. I definitely know the Lord, He raised me from death, both physical and spiritual. Restored my life and marriage. Email me at if you need to talk privately and not air your issues for all to see. I will be glad to help, if I can.

Anonymous said...

What are you going to do with those cantaloupes?

Bob said...

Give some to friends, sell the rest at farmers market and other places. Oh, and eat a whole bunch of them