Sunday, July 17, 2011

Saturday and Sunday, the weekend is over

7/16/11 Saturday
I’ve been picking wine grapes for two days now. It’s been real interesting to learn about how to grow grapevines and see it first hand. Gary, a Kairos brother, called me about the work. As always work comes just in time, for we were getting down to the bottom of the barrel again. The job is over but I may be able to get some more work with the guy later. If he doesn’t sell the property it could turn into something I can earn a few dollars at every now and then. Considering we are looking into the possibility of growing grapes on the farm it’s good experience.

7/17/11 Sunday
The weekend is over. It’s been hot and hot, and hot some more. The swamp cooler just doesn’t keep up with this heat coupled with even a little humidity. We are grateful that the Lord has supplied our needs during this time of little income. I made $135 bucks picking the grapes, but that job is over. We go back to school tomorrow. It’s thirty bucks a day for gas but they reimburse us for that, we just have to wait for the check.

Church was…interesting. The pastor gave me a response to my letter, so at least we are talking. She didn’t read but a paragraph or two of the letter and her response reveals much about where her thoughts have been. It’s sad, but I must continue with this for her sake. She seems to have no idea of what she has done and thus no idea of God’s impending hand on her because of it. Next step is to find some pillars of the church she respects and bring them in to talk with her. After that will be to tell the whole church. I hope it won’t come to that.

We have had a unique visitor over the last few days. It’s a white dove that seems almost tame. We can practically reach out and touch it. I went to put some seed out for it to eat and got within a foot of it without it flying off. The dogs did jump at it and it flew into the branches for safety. It’s a beautiful bird. We wonder if it’s sick or something. Perhaps the heat is getting to it. I’ve seen several dead birds lately, two at the grape vines and one in our back yard.

Here’s a picture of the sand buildup around our water well. There is a lot of sand here, over three foot high in some places. The well is a half mile from the house and the entire length of the road leading to it is also full of sand dunes and impassable. This will become a serious problem as the sand overtakes the pump and tank at the well. I don’t have the capability to move this much sand, or equipment to do it.

We were to have a Kairos event at the Lamesa prison but it’s on lockdown so no one gets in until that is done. They’ve been locked down for about a week now. Don’t know what happened but it’s got to be serious. Hope the guys we minister to are ok. Pray for them if you could.
This is the road??? heading back to the farm house. Obviously it's not drivable, not even with 4 wheel drive maybe.

That’s it for now. Cherie and I went through the corn and sprayed organic Neem oil on the baby ears and I put mineral oil in where the tassels come out of the ears. This will keep the corn worms from surviving.

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