Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's fun playing detective

This morning's sunrise

7/28/11 Thursday
It’s kinda fun playing detective. Of course my mysterious anonymous commenter would attribute that to being paranoid, a theme he/she has been focused on lately. So, out of curiosity, (not paranoia) I started researching who this person is and also looking at everything they have looked at and downloaded from my blog. That in itself has been revealing. You see, anonymous, I’m not paranoid, but I am eternally curious and probably a lot smarter than you are used to dealing with.

There are actually two anonymous posters who are apparently pushing the paranoid agenda, though I have many who comment anonymously, and I am fine with all of them, even if they disagree, for such is communication. There are two IP addresses are the ones that show up related to all the comments in question. Interestingly enough one of them posted this comment April 4th

It's my idea, 'to be sold out to God', is when there is no doubt in heart or mind and we get up every morning knowing God is with me; and I am to live according to his instructions, and to be a shining light to all that see me, know me, and come into the arena with me. It is the 'power of being alive'. Not of myself. God is the source, of all good. We are to tell others. Our life is our story.

Strange how their attitude seems to have changed.

Unfortunately, with the tremendous increase in readership since this church so eagerly went against everything the scriptures, and our Lord Jesus, instructed, there is a crowd of visitors to sift through and determine which ones left the comment, versus just read it. But it can be done by careful analysis for Statcounter keeps a record of all activity. I know every page they visit, what pictures they download, how long they visit each page, and what searches they do, whether google, Bing, or some other search engine. It appears that the same computer used to make the initial reference to being paranoid, which by the way wasn’t signed Ricardo, is also the one making comments not using the name Ricardo but suggesting I go look at the Link Ricardo put up. Here’s the fun detective part, the initial link comment was not signed at all, so how do you, Mr, or Mrs, Anonymous, know it was Ricardo? Ricardo’s name wasn’t used till I mentioned my dear brother whom I loved and respected in a blog post so the evidence indicates the two are the same person or at least know each other.

Then the last comment, posted from the same computer, changed it’s tone after I deleted the personal attack ones from that computer as well. Now it’s “Bob, you should really give some consideration to Ricardo's comments.
You are in my prayers. Hope the cantoloupes are bountiful”
Another picture of this morning's sunrise

So here is my problem with all this. Basically we have deception at the root of it all. Someone using a name that is not their own, continuing to lie about it as they protest “There are many Ricardo’s” (Yes, but they don’t all use the same computer) and I suspect that all of this is a smoke screen as they continue to cover and excuse their actions, for I see strong indications they are connected to the Hosanna church. Oooh, is that more paranoia? Or just tracking down lies and liars? This is classic, to make someone look bad or unstable in order to reduce the value of their words or to justify your actions. Fact is no one, except the real Ricardo, has spent enough time with me to make anything resembling an accurate diagnoses of paranoia, or for that matter any kind of judgment regarding who I am at all. So keep on trying to cover your ass, and the whole world watches, many laughing and crying with me. Laughing at the absurdity but crying because of the sadness of it all. When you do what is right, talk to me, pray WITH me, acknowledge the truth, then God will be glorified.

So lets bring this all to a biblical conclusion. The devil is a liar, and the father of all liars. God is all about the truth and there is no lie or deception in Him, at all, not a shred. Even if you deceive in the name of the Lord, to try and accomplish some good or noble purpose, you are still a liar and the truth is not in you. I know more than one person, who, in their attempt at claiming spiritual healing and denying any lack of faith (Because their false theology says that it is lack of faith that results in miraculous healings not taking place) claim that despite serious surgery to correct serious documented issues, when the doctors went in everything was fine but they went ahead and performed the surgery anyway. So, do you lie to increase others faith, or do you lie to make it look like your faith is great and keep up the false image you present to the world? And do you lie, deceive, or put up a false face, saying nice things to look good, to cover a problem you created? A lie is a lie and the devil is the father of it, period. God is not mocked, and not fooled for he knows our hearts.

So enough of this. I’ve got farming to do and frankly, all you who make insinuations while trying to hide, you are not worth my time. We all answer to God for every idle word and the things we do. But my concern is for your spiritual well being and if you want to email me privately so we can talk it’s Even if I was rampantly paranoid, that would not justify what this church did nor the way they did it, for Christ is about healing, unity, loving, caring, reaching out to those in need, and is very much against all forms of hypocrisy and discord.


Anonymous said...

You like having the last word, no?



Bob said...

God always has the last word. I like to tell the truth and lead others to righteousness, to be pleasing to the creator of all

Bob said...

Hmmm, on research it looks like you changed your name from Ricardo to Ferdinand. Still deceiver I see. Do you stand before others saying you represent God? Do you lie about your faith as well? Or are you self deceived as so many others are, putting on an appearance of Godliness when your true heart is far from Him. Humble yourself before God, submit to Him, and you will be saved.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes Ferd use my computer. Also cousin Eduardo, however Eduardo not as spiritual as Ferd and I.



Nate~ said...

I think these church loons are just fucking with your head Uncle Bob

Bob said...

can't argue with you on that Nate, pretty obvious to me and everyone else who reads. But I'll love em anyway, like I love all the rest. Glad to hear from you. Send some rain down here, we sure could use it.

Anonymous said...

nice idea, thanks for sharing...