Friday, April 26, 2013

There is so much going on I can't keep up. Unfortunately I can't publicly talk about some of it at this time. When I can reveal that part it's a whopper of a story. Meantime we did a Kairos event at the Smith Unit prison last week. Always an honor to serve God. I am selling Office furniture for the moment. Had plenty of chances to bless others and am always grateful when God puts that on my plate. Helped a homeless man move to a safe place in Lubbock, where he has found a job. Helped an 18 yr old get home to Dallas when he was released from the Stanton Jail. Someone from our church donated funds so I was able to get him clothes to wear and some food along with a few dollars to spend. The purchase of that old store on the interstate is finally moving forward. Found a survey company who had great difficulty identifying property boundaries but finally got it done. He said he was finishing up the drawings today. So things are moving forward and God has a lot for us to do. Love God and His plans boggle my mind. Sorry I haven't posted because working full time on top of everything else. No farm this year I guess. No time to plant. Hope to at least get melons out. Cya later