Thursday, November 21, 2013

I will overcome

11/21/13 Thursday
            Folks, I know I don’t post as much as I used to. Sorry about that. We have been busy for sure and the long hours I spend at the furniture store are wearing on me. Today I was home in time to watch the five o’clock news for the first time in a long time. Unfortunately the reason I was home was due to having one of the worst petite seizures I have experienced in years. It hit me, or caught up to me around 1:30, just as I was rushing to prepare a quote that is vitally important to the company. Today was one of those days where everything came at once, and to add to that our two new employees both failed to show up for work, or even call in. It was one thing after another and I suspect that is what triggered the seizure. Cherie called and could hear it in my voice so rushed to the store. She made sure I had some food because sometimes that helps, but not this time. It was so bad that there was doubt I should drive home but I refused to leave the truck at the store overnight. Cherie followed me closely to insure I was safe and I got home okay.

            That was nine hours ago and I am still feeling drained. I try so hard to get this company running smoothly but it sometimes seems like I am a one man show with little or no help. I have constant reminders that I am not the man I once was, that the damage from the car accident still slows me down, but I keep pressing on. I will succeed despite the difficulties. That is me. I will overcome these obstacles that make things harder than they used to be.

           I buried Rascal three weeks ago on October 22. He had gotten to the point he could not stand up and greet me despite trying when I arrived home. It was time. We took him to the vet and she administered the medicine that allowed Rascal to pass on as I petted his head and loved him. It was heartbreaking but in this there are spiritual lessons to be learned. There are many cancers in our lives. Some we can get rid of and some we cannot. All of them cause pain and death.

            I have a fire going now. It was in the 70’s today but a cold front is blowing in as I write. They predict it will drop into the 20’s tonight and be freezing for three or four days. There may be sleet, snow, or freezing rain so I pray for safety on the roads. There are so many new people in the area due to the oil boom that the traffic is horrible and it seems someone dies in an accident almost every day.

            We are trying to move forward and purchase that old store on the interstate. That is another project that has been neglected due to the long hours I am working. I need help in so many areas but people are busy with their own lives so there is little time left for them to spend on other things. I understand that.

            We finally connected with the widow we help. My weekly calls were unanswered for months and her daughter picked up the phone. We learned that Geneva had suffered a heart attack, then a stroke, then an allergic reaction to medication, so had been hospitalized for months. Cherie and I have visited her at the rehab nursing home she is recovering in and plan on making that a regular event. She was so glad to hear from us and then see us again. 

            I am tired. There is so much to do and so little of me to do it. Tomorrow is another day and I will rejoice and be glad, for every day I have is a gift from God. Y'all be good and be careful. Love ya and may God bless you.