Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Great day for working

5/3/08 Saturday
It’s a great day for working, was 46 degree’s this morning and will only go up to the seventies. I got out early to get as much done as I can and be damned if I didn’t have a seizure. It is thankfully a short one. I came in when I felt that light headed sensation that often precedes a slowdown and laid down. That was forty minutes ago and I feel up to getting back to work now so will get out there. They say it should rain Sunday or Monday so I want to get as much done as possible. Water is the key to life out here. It took me an hour just to drag the hoses over to where the afghan pines are and water them. I’m guessing it’s just under an eighth of a mile to the far corner of the five acres. Took an hour to water each of the trees individually. Getting the drip feed water stuff set up will be a big help. I picked up some more soaker hoses but the farm account was quickly depleted this paycheck so that’s it for the month.

I was marking out where the pumpkin patch will be when I had the slowdown. Looking at the seed packages I see that it takes a hundred days or so for the pumpkins to be ready for harvest. Seeing as Halloween comes October 31 it’s too early to plant them in order to have a sellable crop then. I’ll still mark it out and till some of the area up but won’t plant till late June. There are some seeds our friend from Florida sent that are simply marked “pumpkin”. I don’t know if they are pie pumpkins or what so will go ahead and plant them now.

Much of this day will be spent mowing rye for mulch. Much of it is making seed and I think will be ready to harvest in a month or so. I don’t want to use if for mulch after the seeds are viable because it will start growing rye everywhere I mulch. That won’t be good. So that mower might be running hard today. Time to get to work folks so see ya when I get back.

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